Where to buy DVD-Rs / How transfer from +RW

  pauldonovan 11:49 11 May 2005


I'm recording a program on a Phillips DVD recorder. If I was to record on a DVD+RW and wanted to put that onto a DVD-R to view on another recorder, what would I need - presumably some software will allow me to transfer from DVD+RW to DVD-R if I have the appropriate drives?

ALSO, where do people buy DVD-Rs to get best value?



  TomJerry 12:21 11 May 2005

svp click here, highly recommended

valuemedia click here

ebuyer click here

as for software, no special software is needed, any dvd writting software will do, just do disk to disk copy, you can do it with one DVD writer, but it will be slightly quick if you use two drivers

  Confab 12:35 11 May 2005

Just one word of caution. I have a Pioneer DVD recorder and it has two types of recording modes. One is called VR mode and the other Video mode. If I record a TV programme using the VR mode onto a DVD RW(This mode gives more editing flexibility on my recorder) then my DVD Burner for my PC cannot read the disk or copy it, even if the disk is finalised. If I record a TV programme using the Video mode then finalise the disk then I can copy/edit it on my PC. So the best thing to do is experiment before recording your favourite TV series and finding that it can’t be read by your PC.

  pauldonovan 12:37 11 May 2005

I want to get some DVD-Rs with cases too so i'll see which of those places is cheapest!



  TomJerry 12:43 11 May 2005

buy case and disks separatly

it will work out much much cheaper

I bought 20 CDR from PCWorld with great slim case for £5 and throw all CDR away and use those case for DVD, actually work out cheaper

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