Where to buy CD-R discs, and what about Maxell?

  renard 00:22 10 Oct 2008

My daughter needs just a few CD-R discs to archive her family photographs.
Usual problem - quality versus budget!!
Usual solution - ask Dad to find out, despite the fact that he doesn't know much about the subject!

I see that Play.com have 25 Maxell discs for £3.99 delivered. Are these any good, please?

Alternatively, please can anyone advise where to get decent CD-R at a reasonable price?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  Dragon_Heart 01:20 10 Oct 2008

First and foremost ....... What are your daughters photo's worth to your daughter ?

By 'archive' do you refer to scanning originals into digital format ?

What's the spin speed of her CD writer ? ( if you know )

You can get a Maxell CD-R 700mb Spindle Carry Case ( speed 52x ) of 50 CD-R's from
click here for only £6 direct from the shop or via WILKO Plus @ £6 plus p & p but remember you will need to find CD cases, jackets or a carry case to store them in once the photo's are written to them.

OR a pack of 100 Memorex for £9.60 plus p & p from click here

If your daughter only has a 'slow' CD writer say 4, 8 or 16 speed you can get cheaper disks for about 10p each but will they still work to show your great grandchildren is only a guess. Most these days are 52 speed ( 52x ) unless someone is selling old stock.

If you can afford it duplicate the disks, one for everyday use the other stored safely away.

  iscanut 15:41 10 Oct 2008

Have a look here to give you some idea of prices etc
click here

and here for cases

click here

  tullie 15:50 10 Oct 2008

If you only intend to use a handfull,get them from the supermarket.

  iscanut 16:31 10 Oct 2008

Tullie is right. I have seen packs of 5 in Tescos !

  paulgeaf 21:00 10 Oct 2008

Hello there...I am surprised no one mentioned the BEST DVD & CD Media supplier online!
svp media have been my only place for a few years now and I have only had one bad experience and that was caused by a mix up with my order...and they even threw in some freebies and waived the P&P!!
Anyway there are many good quality CDs there in packs ranging from 25 to 100.
If you go for a pretty basic but well made range called DataWrite or DataSafe, you will find these are great for audio Discs, I NEVER EVER have a bad disk made with these and so buy a lot of them.
The price if I am remembering right, is something like £8 for 100 discs.
They are a very good buy and you can read lots of reviews on the site to help you decide.
click here to read the sites own Introduction Buyers Guide to CDs
Verbatim is a more expensive brand that seem s to be the MOST highly recommended disc manufacturer going. I buy those ones for the special stuff so, for your pictures, get some of those.
click here for some great Verbatim Discs...great price too.
Good Luck!

  tullie 00:37 11 Oct 2008

Just a note,you dont need a special type of disc for data or photos.Whatever you put on a disc is data.

  renard 10:53 11 Oct 2008

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the trouble to respond to my query.
Your advice has been most useful.
Thanks again, and best wishes to all.

  DJ Techz 16:23 11 Oct 2008


I buy off of them regually and you can get really cheap prices. I have just boight a 16GB memory stick for 16.99

  FatboySlim71 17:41 11 Oct 2008

Personally I do not recommend storing pictures on CDs or DVDs.

I archived a collection of mine to disk a few years back, the disks were of a very high quality I will add. A few years later the disks were unreadable and the pictures were lost. The disks were in mint condition, so it wasn't a scratch that had made the disk unreadable.

IMO optical media is not a reliable storage method for long tern archiving.

My advice (and I do this myself) would be to store the pictures on a picture sharing site such as FlickR click here

For £15 a year you have as near as dam it unlimited storage, you can mark pictures as private (this would mean that only yourselves would be able to see them) or you can make them viewable to everyone.

I store all my important pictures on FlickR and I also print them off.

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