where to buy. can someone help please?

  Beverley Anne 14:37 09 Feb 2003

Hello Again,

Sorry to be a pest!

I am going to build a pc similar to the high end system that was built in the PCA Magazine Oct2002-Dec2002 issues.
While reading through the pdf of how to build your own pc, the part about connecting the power cables,I came across adding a supplementary power plug to the Asus motherboard.

It's a small plug with four pins.

Is this supplied with the motherboard or do I need to purchase one separtely if the latter does any one know where I can get one please?

I have looked on Dabs, Overclockers, Pcworld, Global Direct and also Asus Website but I found nothing.

Thanks Inadvance


  DieSse 14:51 09 Feb 2003

Motherboards for P4s usually require one, or sometimes two, extra power supply connections. These will be on the board.

P4 Power supplies for these connections will be already fitted with the appropriate connectors.

There is nothing you need to do (or could do) yourself, except plug them in when you do the build.

  Rtus 14:54 09 Feb 2003

Is it a P4 mobo your refering to ? In which case the Plug part comes as part of P4 enabled Case (PSU) and it goes to the Mobo which will have the socket ready to plug into ,So you dont have to buy anything extra.. If thats is what your refering to ( I havent the mags here ) kids have run off with em..

  Rtus 14:55 09 Feb 2003

Sorry didnt see your post...

  Beverley Anne 15:16 09 Feb 2003


Thanks to all for taking the time to answer. Much appreciated.

This helproom will be hearing alot from me as time goes by.!!
Me making sure that I get the right componant for the job, in case I have to buy a differnet componant to the one listed.

Thanks Again,


  spuds 18:10 09 Feb 2003

If during your computer building, you require small plugs,cables, leads etc then perhaps try Maplin's click here who can usually supply these.They have 64 stores nationwide, so there could be a store nearby to you worth visiting.

  misery 20:22 09 Feb 2003

you refer to, is supplied as part of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) that normally comes fitted into the tower case.

  misery 20:24 09 Feb 2003

female connectors are on the mobo and the males on the PSU. Didn't make myself too clear, apologies.

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