where is backslash on acer keyboard

  Nonagon 22:12 17 Aug 2010

On my acer keyboard the key that is marked backslash actually gives # if I press it the key that gives @ is actually a bracket any help?

  northumbria61 22:23 17 Aug 2010

You may have number lock ON - press fn key (next to windows key) plus f11

  Nonagon 22:34 17 Aug 2010

either side of windows is ctrl/alt on one alt/a page with arrow on the other no signof Fn num lock is ioff backslash sdtill is #

  northumbria61 23:05 17 Aug 2010

Is this desktop or laptop - O.S. ?

  northumbria61 23:06 17 Aug 2010

Besides the QWERTY keyboard is there a number pad - if so number lock will be on there.

  Nonagon 23:10 17 Aug 2010

desktop win 07 there is a num pad makes no differencew if num lock is on# or off # same result

  northumbria61 23:15 17 Aug 2010

Go to Control Panel - Regional & Language - Keyboards & Languages Tab - Change Keyboard - click Launguage and make sure Enlglish (United Kingdom) is selected - if not Add - click OK

  birdface 06:33 18 Aug 2010

Make sure everything is set to UK English in reional and language.

  mooly 07:19 18 Aug 2010

Use "left hand" side of keyboard ALT and SHIFT to toggle between layouts.

I sometimes catch this combination typing quickly.

  Nonagon 11:25 18 Aug 2010

alt + shift solution works thanks.

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