Where are my E-mails?

  bigfooted 15:34 06 Nov 2011

I have recently bought a new phone and decided I would like to use it to access my e=mails. I can access my IP account using the log in and password but none of my e-mails appear in the inbox. If I log in on my desktop they are all there so they have not been deleted. I contacted my IP Helpline and they tell me everything is o.k. at their end and the problem is to do with configuring Outlook Express and it is not their problem. I am not a computer whiz so this has left me a bit baffled, how can I access the webmail site but not be able to read my e-mails, and how do I reconfigure Outlook Express without cocking everything else up? I would be grateful for any ideas or tips. I am using Windows XP with service pack 3 and my mobile is a new Samsung. Regards, Brian, Liverpool.

  lotvic 16:08 06 Nov 2011

On your pc, Outlook Express | Tools | Accounts | Mail tab | highlight email account, click on Properties button at right | Advanced tab | and at the bottom is Delivery, put a tick in the box for 'Leave a copy of messages on server'

  bigfooted 19:38 07 Nov 2011

Thanks for the help, I am beginning to see the light. I thought it would be like accessing my outlook inbox but obviously I got the wrong impression, still I know what to do and can now access future messages. Thanks again.

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