Where are download files stored

  AlanHo 18:23 08 Feb 2004

When you download a video, sound or animated file from a website (a complete file - not audio or video streaming) which you can play over and over again - where on your computer is the file stored.

For example - you download a short video file from a website - it opens in Windows media Player - and you can play it repeatedly - even with your modem now disconnected. Hence the file must be stored somewhere on your hard drive - but where ?

Windows XP Home
Internet Explorer 6

  VoG II 18:25 08 Feb 2004

Temporary Internet Files ?

  [email protected] 18:26 08 Feb 2004

Start>Search>Files or Folders and type in the name of said program

  AlanHo 18:46 08 Feb 2004

I am fairly sure the file is not stored in Temporary Internet Files.

I checked how many files were in that folder - downloaded an animation, unplugged my modem, checked that the animation could still be played over and over again, then rechecked the number of files in the Temp folder - it had not changed.

Regarding a search for the file name - when you click on a download link on a website you have no indication of the file's name - it just downloads and plays.

I am very curious and one of the forum's experts must have the answer.

Try Start - My Computer then Local disc (C). By far the easiest way is to name the file before downloading, and then as [email protected] says run Start - search- file name.This can usually be done by right clicking, then selecting save target as, then giving it a memorable name.

  ton 19:06 08 Feb 2004

When you download a file, if you choose to download (not open the file) you should have a box open to say where it will go.

If this doesn't happen with the particular files you are downloading, then try right clicking, then click on 'save target as'.

  AlanHo 08:13 09 Feb 2004

Here is an example website which downloads a file to your computer.
click here
I cannot see how to find the name of the file or where it is stored. Right clicking on the image is no help - you can only save static graphics and not the animation.

Help !!!!

  Jester2K 08:20 09 Feb 2004

Its not an animation. Look at the progress bar on your browser everytime something changes. It downloads a new graphic file.

I flushed my cache using Supercleaner and then reloaded the page. Checking the cache shows loads of files being loaded. There are about a dozen just for the left eye closing...

Some animations don't get chaced to the PC they just stream from the website so they don't get saved.

  AlanHo 08:28 09 Feb 2004


I take your point but the bit that confuses me is that I can disconnect my modem and the animation still works fine - giving me the impression that the programme, plus all its graphic files are stored somewhere.

Perhaps the answer is that the programme file is simply in the computer memory and is accessing the various graphics in the cache.

  Stuartli 08:55 09 Feb 2004

To make life easier, if you use FreshDownload you can choose where you want downloaded files to be saved - some use the Desktop, but I prefer a folder entitled FD Downloads with a Desktop shortcut; you detail the target in FreshDownload's Preferences.

I can then run any programs to install them if required or save them for future use, either in this folder or on a multisession CD-R.

As I have XP Pro, I use the Summary box to detail exactly what the program is for as you invariably forget what it is otherwise (right click on a file, then Properties and then the Summary tab).

You can, of course, just detail a folder such as Internet Downloads as the target if you don't use FreshDownload or similar utility.

  Jester2K 09:11 09 Feb 2004

There isn't a program. Its a web page that reacts to where you place the mouse. This is all cached in the browser cache.

Riht click the page and select View Source. You'll see it just a lot of Javascript command watching where the mouse goes. When the mouse goes over something it reacts an loads the pictues.

There is no "porgram" as such other than the webpage and the pictures.

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