Where are bookmarks stored ??

  Lady Jane 22:56 30 Aug 2008


I'm using Firefox as my browser, but recently had a major PC failure and had to do a complete sytem re-install. I've noew reloaded Firefox, but obviously all my bookmarks a re missing.

I did take an image of my hard drive using Acronis before my re-install, so would I be able to look in that image to get my bookmarks back, and if so where should I be looking.

Thanking you all


  ashdav 23:08 30 Aug 2008

C:\Documents and Settings\Your account name here\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\3750s6sk.default
It's the file shown as bookmarks (Firefox html file)

  skidzy 23:41 30 Aug 2008

Im unsure if you can reclaim your bookmarks without loading the image.Is there a reason why you are not using the image ?

What version of Firefox have you been using ?
And the os may have a factor in this also,xp or Vista ?

Basically if Firefox 3 you will have upto 5 backups of your bookmarks in .JSON format,maybe .HTML format.

I have a couple of links that may help click here
and click here
click here

Just for reference and something to consider,adding the Foxmark addon will stop this problem in the future click here

  brundle 23:44 30 Aug 2008

In version 3 they're stored in an sql file; click here

click here
"Note: Starting in Firefox 3, files in the bookmarkbackups folder are stored in JSON format and cannot be imported. "

If are using FFox 3 you may have to export the entire profile and run Firefox profile manager to use it, then export the HMTL file for importing into your current profile.

click here

  skidzy 23:55 30 Aug 2008

Hi Brundle

Think we are both along the same lines here,but my concern (never tried this) is,can Lady Jane actually access the image to retrieve the bookmarks or even the whole profile....i dont think so.

Maybe this is something i can look into with one of my backup images.

  brundle 00:03 31 Aug 2008

Hi skidzy - if the image is the usual .tib file it should work OK,I just tried it. Only recently got Acronis 11 - I can't speak for any of the older versions in that regard.

  skidzy 00:08 31 Aug 2008

Cheers Brundle,i have 10 here and will look into this tomorrow.Handy to know and i dont think there is a lot of difference with 10 and 11....so im led to believe lol.

  cocteau48 06:56 31 Aug 2008

Mounting the image in read/write mode should allow access to any individual file/folder.

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