Where are the BIOS settings stored?

  graham√ 14:47 31 Oct 2003

Still wrestling with a friends Win 95, which I have managed to completely halt by loading Maxtors EZ-BIOS utility. I know now that this takes over the BIOS.

The M/B battery is in the timing chip, and this is soldered in. So I took out the M/B and stuck the chips pins through some foil to discharge the battery. Left it for a while, but still the same.

Tried shorting the reset pins, no change.

So, as the song title says, where are the settings stored?

  graham√ 14:57 31 Oct 2003

Sorry, no. The thing created a MBR but it doesn't work. If I put a different good hard drive in, I still get the ez-bios on screen. So it's not on the hard drive.

I can change the BIOS in setup, but that's not what loads.

  gold 47 15:07 31 Oct 2003

If you have a Maxtor hard drive you can remove EZ bios no problem how todo this is on the floppy that came with the hard drive if yours is a OEM then you can download the floppy from there website.

  graham√ 15:39 31 Oct 2003

Thanks, if only I could get it to boot from the floppy...

That's why I'm looking for the BIOS so I can put a screwdriver through it!

  Diemmess 17:20 31 Oct 2003

A healthy BIOS is almost more fundamental to your box than the CPU. A friend put it this way to me yonks ago. "The BIOS tells your computer it is a computer and not a washing machine or boiler timer"

The fact that you cannot change your BIOS settings even with you HD disabled says to me that your basic "Orders of the day" chip has been changed with EZ bios.

You are sadly up the creek without a paddle unless you can re-set that BIOS somehow, at least back to the default settings.

Shorting the battery is drastic in the extreme, partly because you may have ruined the battery and ineffective while there is a trace of life in it to keep the existing state.

I recently failed in a similar task even when I was able to unplug the chip which was clock and battery combined.

Your most likely bet is to find the necesary jumper pins which are supposed to re-set the Bios and I wish you some luck at last.

  graham√ 17:44 31 Oct 2003

Thanks, I was speaking figuratively about the screwdriver! It was only after seeing your thread I realized where the battery was.

I've found the 'rset' pins on the MB, they cause a restart but nothing else.

It's not life or death, my friend is resigned to a new PC anyway. It's just that his working PC is not now working!

  Diemmess 18:11 31 Oct 2003

It is a shame when the only sensible alternative is the bin! When did it restart? You didn't do this jumper job with it live did you?.... No you didn't?

Like most who dare to give advice on this forum there is an "I won't be beaten" streak in us that carries on into hours of patient effort.

It is worth every second spent when it works again, but bearing in mind the senile W95 and a long outdated box, replacement is the sensible thing to do.................. unless?

  graham√ 19:10 31 Oct 2003

Yes, but they don't stay long!

  gold 47 21:02 31 Oct 2003

If you can get into the bios why can't you change
it to boot from floppy??? as you have just said you can be it with a problem.

  graham√ 21:27 31 Oct 2003

Thanks, I know it sounds that simple, but what happens is the EZ-BIOS takes over control of the BIOS. Any changes I make are ignored. :-(

That's why I ask, where can the BIOS be stored?

  graham√ 23:09 31 Oct 2003

Thanks for your interest. The problem is that I cannot boot from floppy.

After the 'Hard Disk C: Installed...' I get

EZ-BIOS Initializing, EZ-BIOS:

Hold THE CTRL key for Status Screen or to boot from floppy...

EZ- BIOS Continuing startup...

If I go for the Status Screen and opt for 'Press A to boot from the A: drive' I get 'Insert disk, press any key' . No response after that. The floppy drive is not accessed.

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