nobbyhigo 16:49 25 Jan 2006

this might be a bit of post but here goes , right i have quite a few home recorded vhs analog tapes of amatuer football matches all 1.30 mins long. when you record them on to DVD on a recorder is it compressed or does it take up the full hour and a half hows it work . i am thinking of buying a tape/dvd recorder to do the job so i can view on pc.

  Diemmess 16:58 25 Jan 2006

Recording the way you want is in "Real Time", but even then it might be necessary to record to your HD first. From there you can burn your DVD at a faster pace.

As to the software, connections and hardware, those who have experience will offer better advice than I can. Maybe there is some software which will allow a direct recording to DVD.

  woodchip 17:14 25 Jan 2006

My tape to DVD Recorder, can create a DVD 6 hours long. It also does it DVD to tape

  Graham ® 17:33 25 Jan 2006

Best bet is a DVD recorder with hard drive. You then connect a VHS to it and record the tapes to the hard drive. There you can edit them and record to DVD at various 'qualities' or compressions.

  nobbyhigo 00:29 26 Jan 2006

thats a point with what LES said , my mate has a HUMAX hard drive recorder the one with FREEVIEW do we think it could record from a vhs player on to the hard drive, Then of course i would have to get that on to my pc to record a DVD seems long winded doesnt it

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