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When will support end for Windows XP

  manrow 21:28 15 May 2009

My laptop needs a reinstall of XP. Is XP likely to be updated for the foreseeable future?

  Clapton is God 21:31 15 May 2009

"Is XP likely to be updated for the foreseeable future?"

Yes. Until 2014

  Technotiger 21:32 15 May 2009
  manrow 07:08 16 May 2009

Thanks Guys, that is fantastic news.

The millions of us out there who cannot afford new operating systems and software upgrades will approve of Microsoft's reassurance. That's apart from our failing grey matter which cannot cope with the differences and new procedures!

  Andsome 07:55 16 May 2009

You should not need support as such as long as there are computer help forums.

  robin_x 07:57 16 May 2009

I spent £170 on a Windows upgrade to XP from 98SE on my laptop. Later saw it was reduced to £99.

Then the mouse-pad packed up. Have to use an external mouse with it.

The LCD grows dimmer by the day.

Some of the keys on the keyboard are dodgy. In spite of prising them up and cleaning the contacts.
The clock battery has failed. And new one hasnt fixed it. On/Off button dont work. Mains on/off is how I use it.

Main battery long since died.
Only a 9GB hard disc.

Just waiting till my finances allow a new laptop.

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