When things went wrong on erased images

  Chris the Ancient 11:37 08 Jun 2004

I'm not sure what happened to my earlier link, but I did quickly send an e-mail to the duty FE apologising and requesting a pull of the thread!

What I was trying to say, when things went totally thingies upward was...

I was confident I had downloaded Der Bosses pictures from my flash card to her pc.
I hadn't.


I had erased the flash card.

More panic!!!

Followed by large portions of cold shoulder and tongue for tea.

So hours of comprehensive google searching...

And loads of sites that can offer a download that will recover images, stamp a great big advert over the top which can only be removed by buying the software for $39.95.

But out of the gloom I found this...

click here

And you can recover images FREE! And that is a price I like. It was also so powerful that, unlike others, it found images that were kicking around on the card over a year old and multiple uses of the card since. Is that good or is that good?

So if there are any others out there who - apart from the ability to do funny things starting multiple threads - accidentally end up removing stuff from flash cards, here is one to add to the favourites.


  Lionheart ? 12:28 08 Jun 2004

Excellent piece of kit, downloaded it gave it a try on an empty Flash Card found 55 photo's :)

Could not get your link to work, but found it anyway, same site different route click here

  ventanas 12:36 08 Jun 2004

Thanks Chris, this looks just the job. I will try it out tonight.

  byfordr 12:45 08 Jun 2004

Always worth knowing. Ta.


  Graham ® 13:54 08 Jun 2004

Doesn't work on mine :-(

  spanneress 14:02 08 Jun 2004

Do you know what..I cannot thank you enough!

My father is 70 next week, and for his bday I thought I would frame him some quality photo's taken with my new SLR..unfortunately the ones taken of him a couple of weeks ago with his 10th grandchild at a few days old were accidentally erased from the SD card (by my good self of course being a know it all) and I thought I had lost them forever..I now have retrieved them and am printing one as I type.

This has made my day and will totally make his next week.

Slightly off topic but I just wanted to share this with you <reaches for hanky and dabs gently at eye corner>..sniff sniff....

Thanks again Chris.

  Chris the Ancient 15:20 08 Jun 2004

#if I can help#
#someone along the way#

Seriously, seeing one other person recover from a disaster has made the thread worthwhile for me.


  dave h 17:27 08 Jun 2004

Gobsmacked ......

That's the only word for it....Just tried it and it worked perfectly

Thanks, Chris

  pj123 18:03 08 Jun 2004

I'll second that.

  britto 18:09 08 Jun 2004

Just downloading this, page says its a 3.8mb file but downloading box says 6.08mb any thoughts?.

  Chris the Ancient 18:09 08 Jun 2004

Followed a link back to the home page of this recovery program at...

click here

And, by 'eck, some of their other stuff looks pretty wicked! Not tried any of it, but have downloaded the slightly newer version of the flash card recovery program.

Any brave souls got time to look at their other stuff?

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