When start up have a long warning.

  JUHAN 10:08 06 Aug 2003

Cannot find advice file that may be neede to run Windows or a Windows application. The windows registry or SYSTEM.INI file refers to this device file no longer exists. If you deleted this file on purpose,try uninstalling the associated application using its uninstall or setup program. If you still want to use the application associated with device file,try reinstalling that application to replace the nissing file. C:\PROGRA 1\SYMANTEC\SYMEUNT.386 I try to do everything wich was recomended.Without results.

  temp003 11:21 06 Aug 2003

I don't know whether you want to keep Norton on your computer or not.

If you do, click here where it's been reported that downloading the symevnt.exe file and unpacking it to Program Files\Symantec solves the problem.

Download site click here

If you want to get rid of it, have a look at this thread, Response Number 1. click here Be careful with what you do in the registry.

  temp003 11:23 06 Aug 2003

Sorry, the last link should be click here instead.

  alcudia 11:45 06 Aug 2003

Symevnt occasionally gives me a problem with a blue screen at start up stating that it failed to load properly. Restarting solves it. It would seem that you have it a bit worse than I have.
I assume you still have Norton on your machine, and have not just deleted the folder as it will still try to load on start up. Norton can be difficult to reinstall if not uninstalled properly as it puts bits and pieces everywhere.
If you still have it I would try what temp003 says.
If you have uninstalled the program whichever way it was done, it would appear that it has not completed correctly. It is one heck of a job trying to clear Norton entries from the registry. I've tried it.
Whatever else you must get Norton (or this file if the program is still there) back on your system. Removing the entry from startup in msconfig will probably fail because the registry entries will put it back.
If you use more than one Norton app be very careful in the registry.

  xania 13:26 06 Aug 2003

I have also had problems with Symantec when trying to re-install over-the-top. The safest bet is to run the installation as usual, then uninstall it correctly from either within the Symantec folder itself or via Add-remove programs. But there is then a final ESSENTIAL - make sure that all the Symantec folders are deleted, or that you re-install into a completely new folder.

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