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When playing movies on TV, the screen is blank

  Bailey08787 15:07 13 Nov 2005

I've set up my PC so that I can clone my desktop and get it on my TV.

The TV displays the desktop perfectly - and anything that I do.

But when I play a movie the movie just comes up as a blank black screen.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?


  Bailey08787 17:40 13 Nov 2005


  Bailey08787 19:35 13 Nov 2005

bump bump

  Bailey08787 20:36 14 Nov 2005

come on peeps

  johnnyrocker 20:39 14 Nov 2005

has this ever worked? and what graphics card?


  Bailey08787 17:29 16 Nov 2005

i dont think its any protection issue - it used to work fine on my previous graphics card (Nvidia Leadtek Ti4400 GeForce 4).

I've tried playing the DVD on several different media players - Windows Media Player 10, Divx, VLC - all with the same result.

I'm cloning the desktop as I have successfully done before with my old graphics card.

My new graphics card is a Nvidia Sapphire 6600GT.

  Bailey08787 15:02 21 Nov 2005


  Bailey08787 21:40 06 Jun 2006

never solved this one

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