When monitor is turn the pc switches off

  Mat2 19:09 18 Sep 2003

Hi folks,

I hope you can help me with a problem my friends computer, when the pc is switche on without the monitor being it boots successfuly as far as we know with out the monitor. as soon as the monitor is switched on with in a few seconds the computer turns off. The only thing i know about the computer that it is running Window 95 otherwise i do not know any other spec. Could there be a problem with the monitor or video card.

Any input to this would be very greatful


  wiznyme 20:45 18 Sep 2003

The only way that I can think of powering up a monitor affecting a PC is if they are both connected to a faulty UPS, which can't cope with the extra power drain.

Are you sure the PC goes off, it's not just idle waiting for someone to log on etc. Check if the power light is on and listen for the fan.

If the monitor is left off will the PC stay powered?

  Jester2K II 20:52 18 Sep 2003

Does the monitor power come from the PC tower? If so get a new lead and plug directly into the main socket instead of via the PC tower.

  Bodi 20:55 18 Sep 2003

Thinking the same thoughts. Bet the monitor is plugged into computer via slave lead.

Mat2: Agree with Jester2K - use power lead directly from socket instead of computer.


  Mat2 21:53 18 Sep 2003

Thanks Guys

I will check out your suggestions to see it it cures the problem, so what this space as they say.


  dave h 21:57 18 Sep 2003

I Had a similar problem with the mains circuit breaker tripping when I switched the monitor on.

I 'cured' the problem by using a socket on a different circuit breaker and the problem no longer occurs.

  Mat2 22:03 18 Sep 2003

Thanks you that, i'll ask my friend to see if there has been any circuit breaker tripping problems when the monitor is switched on.

  Mat2 19:01 19 Sep 2003

Hi Guys, Thanks you all your help with my friends problem, which turned out to the psu going faulty.

Many Thanks again


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