When latest software isn't the best

  Faffingwaste 15:24 12 Feb 2009

RANT begins:

Do all those reviewers out there EVER test what they write about when it comes to updated versions of existing software???

Rave reviews for Iobit's latest Advanced Windows Care say it's better than ever. . . yet fail to spot that the Windows Startup Manager has been quietly dropped from this version.

So whereas with the "old" stuff you could see what was loading o9n start up, and allow it or restrict it, now the facility has gone.

Oh, great.

Screenhunter was another super little program with a nice GUI. I decided I'd better upgrade it this year though and omigawd, it's awful. And bloatware too.

I've been able to find my copy of Screenhunter 4.0 and re-installed so that's OK, but I don't have a copy of the Advanced Windows Care / Advanced System Care app that's been replaced this latest, horrendous-looking version from Iobit (the "pale" GUI is bad enough, the "black", dreadful!)

Anyone know where I can find the earlier version out on the 'Net? Links I've tried from 'old' reviews have simple taken me to Iobit's download page and, of course, there's nothing there to download except the crippled upgrade with its daft GUI.


  MAJ 15:34 12 Feb 2009

Which version are you searching for? What's the version you don't like?

  User-1229748 15:39 12 Feb 2009

i found these although have not tried themclick here

  Pamy 15:40 12 Feb 2009
  User-1229748 15:46 12 Feb 2009

looks as if you can download older versions from here "select a version"click here

  awest3 15:55 12 Feb 2009

I'm using 3.1.2 which I thought was the latest version...it still has the startup manager in there ...under the utilities tab...


  Faffingwaste 16:03 12 Feb 2009

Thanks, gang -- sorry for the rant.

Nope, sites like major geeks offer to link to previous versions but don't, and CNET's choice of version options doesn't lead to anything other than the downloadable current, and awful, 3.0 version.

Guess I mustn't grumble, it's free after all, but I'm actually more annoyed with the blasted reviewers than anyone else: it's quite obvious from this example that there's no guarantee anything at all is ever tested before rushing to publish a product's PR hype.

I'm now hoping a Version 2.0 original is still on a friend's PC.If not I'll go look at Tuneup Utilities.

Thanks again.

Oh. Whilst here. Another RANT:

Has anyone EVER managed to register a Fresh UI / Fresh Diagnose download recently?

So far I've had -- count 'em -- 12 emails from Fresh saying if I click on the link they'll automatically send another email with the registration code. I click on the link which takes me back to the download page I originally started with, input my name and email address yet again. . .

And all that arrives is ANOTHER email saying click on this link blah blah blah after which we'll send you the registration code.

On and on and on and on.

Goodbye, Fresh: life's too short.

  Faffingwaste 16:07 12 Feb 2009

awest -- how bizarre. Well I've no idea what's happened, the 'system utilities' has an "Admin" bit which I thought would have the start-up checker in it but all I've got is auto shutdown, context menu manager, disk explorer and restore center. Is the facility going to be somewhere else??????

  Pamy 16:21 12 Feb 2009

Yup, I have just downloaded from the site I gave you and it is an older version

  MAJ 16:25 12 Feb 2009

Pamy's link takes you to Version

  sunnystaines 16:33 12 Feb 2009

i always keep a backup of downloads till i am happy with the new one.

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