when is a jpg not a jpg ?

  greyballs 19:34 14 Mar 2011

hi just been sent a couple of pics that i can only open with paint and the image is huge even after resizing to 12% from original.in properties the file is jpg but windows media player says can not open file ect any ideas as to the file type so i can find something to open or convert. i am using w/vista hp.

  bremner 19:37 14 Mar 2011

Windows Media Player does not open jpeg image files, only audio and video.

  mooly 19:38 14 Mar 2011

Right click the file and select properties. On the general tab what does it say the file type is ?

  bremner 19:38 14 Mar 2011

click here for a good free image viewer

  greyballs 19:41 14 Mar 2011

sorry guys i meant photo gallery

and properties
file type is jpg

  mooly 19:41 14 Mar 2011

Just seen you mention "properties" saying jpg.

When you right click as above, just below file type what program does it say to open with ?
Have you tried right clicking the file and selecting "open with" and choosing photo gallery.

  bremner 19:44 14 Mar 2011

When you open it in Paint - Save As and choose a new filename and ensure you save it as a jpg.

Now try opening the new file in Picture Gallery

  greyballs 19:46 14 Mar 2011

yep done that it will only open with paint also the pic comes in at 11.9mb i just do not belive it is jpg format ?

  greyballs 19:53 14 Mar 2011

hi done that,p/gallery still can not open file without latest updates (which i have)

  bremner 20:01 14 Mar 2011

Can picture gallery open any jpg?

  greyballs 20:07 14 Mar 2011

yep just checked but on this file it is saying it dose not support this file format
thats why i dont think it is a jpg file although properties says it is ?

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