When I turn PC on nothing loads, monitor is black.

  drpeppercan 15:02 21 Aug 2018

I had just attempted to use an Acer desktop USB Recovery drive, unsuccessfully. Then even though I had set up the booting order to start from another USB drive with Linux, it would read the USB drive, but wouldn’t load it. Instead it would go back to the Acer Recovery drive files, and try to run that again, as if it had kept that in the HD. Oh sorry, I was using my USB Acer Recovery drive to reinstall Win10 by the way. Now it’s even worst because it won’t even load anything at all, not even BIOS! In fact the monitor is just plain black. I can see the pc is on, but that’s it.

I suspect the Acer desktop USB Recovery drive didn’t work because it said that a part was missing, something like that. I guess since I changed the order of the drives when I introduced the SSD drive, the recovery process was expecting to find a different configuration. What now?

Should I remove the SSD drive and see what gives?

Thanks guys

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:08 21 Aug 2018

you should have cloned the HDD to the new SSD.

the recovery image will be on the HDD and the recovery USb is looking at the SSD.

IF there is nothing on the HDD you want then a clean install of win 10 from a USB boot media may be the way to go.

IF you want the SSD to act like your old HDD then make sure HDD is refitted into the lowest numbered SATA port put the SSD on the next SATA port and it should boot into the HDD. then follow the tutorial click here

  drpeppercan 04:05 22 Aug 2018


"IF there is nothing on the HDD you want then a clean install of win 10 from a USB boot media may be the way to go." There is. Can't I install Win10 in that drive leaving the rest of the files there? Or is it not safe? (Win10 installation may erase files?)

Someone had recommend that I remove the SSD while I do the Win10 installation on the HD.

  drpeppercan 03:06 23 Aug 2018

So, removing the SSD did help to regain access to the BIOS and somewhat control what it boots on. It still refuses to boot from my Linux Live USB drive. Instead it continues loading the previous Recovery process. However, it works to run the Windows 10 installer in the USB drive I made (go figure!). I have not run it because I still want to be able to see the contents of this HD, I am hoping it didn't erase it. Just in case there's something wrong with my Linux USB drive, I am about to make another one to try. If that still doesn't succeed to boot from, I don't know what can I do to check the HD contents. Maybe I can bring that HD to my older pc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 23 Aug 2018

Do a repair install of windows 10 from your working USB

see instructions click here

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