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When I start up my PC, I get stuck on a boot menu

  TheAmazingPanda 16:58 06 Dec 2019

When I start up my PC, it is blank for a few seconds before going onto a boot menu which I can't edit or go into anything from. I can't get to the windows menu from it and It's really annoying me. Can anybody help me with this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 06 Dec 2019

what does the boot menu list?

  TheAmazingPanda 19:29 06 Dec 2019

It lists five things:

  1. Windows Boot Manager





I don't know what any of these mean and plus when I click on them nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  TheAmazingPanda 19:56 06 Dec 2019

Actually, here's a link to a picture I took of it

Image: click here

  alanrwood 20:25 06 Dec 2019

I would try selecting "2" and see what happens. Maybe you need to move up/down in the menu by using the arrow keys or sometimes a couple of the Function Keys

  TheAmazingPanda 22:16 06 Dec 2019

I can move up and down and select the options but when I do it just does nothing. I tried selecting 2 but it didn't work :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:20 07 Dec 2019

Looks like a corrupt drive or boot manager.

Do you have any sort of rescue media? you can download and make a boot media from MS here you can put it on USB or burn it to a DVD.

Once mad then boot with the media inserted and do a start up repair. from the menu.

  mrgrumpy 13:54 07 Dec 2019

Hi fruit bat I know you wont mind me saying this. His pc is unusable , you forgot to mention when making the image , somewhere during the process he needs to select "to use on another pc" or words to that effect.

  Pine Man 14:30 07 Dec 2019

His pc is unusable

....but if he has the bootable rescue media, suggested by FB, he might well be able to start his PC from that and then continue to repair it.

  Johan Serena 07:55 09 Dec 2019

I think your OS was crashed or you got any type of malware in your windows. You can jus diagnose your windows or diagnose your BIOS.

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