When I Standby I Need to Restart

  Flames682 21:55 12 Mar 2010

I'm using a laptop. Here's exactly what happens, step by step:

1. I close my computer/make it standby.
2. I come back later.
3. I press the power button (the button that makes it come back from standby mode).Z
4. Nothing comes on the screen/monitor.
5. The fan starts out strong but it slowly get weaker until it dies out.
6. About 3 minutes later, the laptop restarts.

Is there any way to fix this? I'm a Windows XP user and I'm also an administrator.

  Technotiger 22:31 12 Mar 2010

I am afraid I don't have a 'fix' for you, but - why use Standby when it gives you so much hassle?? Surely it would be quicker just to shut-down when you are not using the laptop, and start-up again as normal when required.

I know standby is supposed to make things quicker, but I have seen several people on this forum asking similar questions regarding standby and/or sleep.

I have never ever used standby or sleep, I simply don't think either are necessary.

  Flames682 01:43 13 Mar 2010

I use standby because it's easier. Now can somebody please post a fix for this? Thanks!

  jack 10:33 13 Mar 2010

This is more advantageous then standby.
And energy saving too[battery or mains]
So you are in the middle of a document and you need to go away.
Leave the work where it is on screen.
Move mouse to Standby but press that and RIGHT SHIFT together- the indicator will change from Standby to Hibernate.
The Machine will shut down but before doing so will save all to hard drive.
When next you start up, the machine will return to exactly where you left it.
My machine is always shut down in this state with a total turn off once a week and good 'CCing' to boot to freshen the system.

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