When I click 'open link in new tab' it takes me to a new window!

  hadiy93 12:05 05 Aug 2011

Basically just that ^^

but if I already have another window open, then the tab opens in the other window which is very annoying. it's only started happening today, and i havent changed any settings or downloaded stuff or anything. please help!!

  hadiy93 12:06 05 Aug 2011

And i know i tagged PC.. but i dont know why because it's on a laptop! thanks

  northumbria61 12:17 05 Aug 2011

YOU may not have changed anything but suggest you still check your settings via - Tools - Options - Tabs. Anything here link text

  northumbria61 12:18 05 Aug 2011

Also see here link text

  gengiscant 12:19 05 Aug 2011

In internet Explorer open a page, then click on tools, then internet options, go down to tabs, across to settings, then at the bottom "open links to other programs in", make sure the middle one is selected 'A new tab in current window',then OK twice.

  hadiy93 12:20 05 Aug 2011

i don't really understand what they're saying - i have to install a new version of firefox?

  hadiy93 12:29 05 Aug 2011

wooo i've done it - thanks guys! stupid firefox. if anyone else has this problem here's how i did it (with thanks to j_ff from support.mozilla.com)

[Solved] Here is a step by step solution for newbies:

Install the Menu Editor add-on from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/menu-editor/ .
After the installation, go to Firefox> add-ons (or simply use Ctrl+Shift+A)
Go to the Menu Editor "Options"
In the "Main context menu," simply grab the "Open link in New Tab" and place it below the "Open Link in New Window"
  northumbria61 12:29 05 Aug 2011

hadiy93 - No Gengiscant isn't suggesting you install a new version of Firefox. There is no mention of that. He is suggesting you open Internet Explorer and then follow the instructions that he has given you.

  northumbria61 12:32 05 Aug 2011

Good to hear you have found a solution - You don't need the likes of "Geniscant" or ME - We could become redundant !!

  gengiscant 13:17 05 Aug 2011

Would have been useful if you had mentioned what search engine you were having problems with. Then perhaps you would have got the right help sooner.

  shallyd 08:48 07 Aug 2011

I would suggest ou to reset internet explorer settings

1: http://www.freesolutionstore.com/computer/reset-internet-explorer.html that will bring your browser to to its normal setting,

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