When grandsons delete Internet Explorer !!!!!!!!!!

  Diemmess 18:48 28 Sep 2004

Win 98SE and Aol BB

I spent 2 hrs late afternoon sorting this much used/abused computer.

When I left their house I had the system running faster and better than for some time. They had previously updated AVG but not run the result and a cleanout removed over 40 infected files. Also lots of files at startup.

Since then, so a phone call tells me, they had scrapped lots of games and unused gizmos (2.5GB)

Now the confession - too keen - have uninstalled Internet Explorer.

They are trying by re-installing Aol 9 which upgrades IE as it goes. If that works all's well, but is it possible to install just IE from a download? Or is re-format staring them in the face?

  Diemmess 19:03 28 Sep 2004

Thanks a million.

It would seem to made for this purpose. Downloaded - Will have to wait till tomorrow when my other half will have returned the family wheels.

Aol re-installation apparently just froze. Must be shock-disbelief!

  Diemmess 18:13 30 Sep 2004


In the event the link was a catch 22 situation, it merely opened the way to load IT v. 6 from Microsoft.... I had to be on the net to download and couldn't get on the net anyway! W98 apparently doesn't have a way to restore a busted IT v. 3.1 or whatever from the CD.

Have spent best part of a day sorting their computer and took the opportunity to upgrade them to 2K ......... Smiles all round!

P.P.S. You had to see the junk and inappropriate stuff all over the place to believe it! Its a wonder W98SE worked at all! ......... Well I suppose it didn't!

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