When does Norton AV update itself?

  Steven W 09:40 24 Nov 2004

I understood that unless there was a major virus outbreak NAV updates every Wednesday automatically.

According to click here there is a Live Update out today but the PC has been on an hour and NAV hasn't auto updated. I know i can force it through using Live Update but i only recently changed to NAV and want to make sure the Auto Update works when i am away and the kids are using the PC.

Is there a certain time it waits for?

  Stuartli 09:58 24 Nov 2004

It's a while since I used Norton but, like all utilities and programs which can be set to auto update, there will be provision to do so.

I've always preferred to update manually - not always possible to have a system on dialup in action on a preset time.

Unless someone comes up with the answer, have a look in NV's Help pages under Auto Update (that's what Help files are for).

  JoeC 10:00 24 Nov 2004

( and I stress normally ) updates itself every Thursday, unless there is a major bug about.

  Sethhaniel 10:01 24 Nov 2004

I use AVG7 which was supposed to update at 8.27 this morning according to the program but still no update on site for it ;)

  Steven W 10:11 24 Nov 2004

I'm on cable broadband so when the PC is switched on it's online.

All Auto-update settings are correct

NAV help says "Automatic LiveUpdate checks for an Internet connection every five minutes until a connection is found, and then every four hours."

According to click here there is a Live Update ready to go.

Maybe the update is released on a Wednesday and then Auto Update runs on Thursday. I did notice that a Live Update was avalible on 19th Nov due to the new Sober varient. I waited to see if NAV would auto update. It didn't after 5 hours so i did it manually. This time i'll wait and see.

I just want to know that if a major outbreak occurs that NAV will update ok if i'm not there to run the manual Live Update.

  Stuartli 10:59 24 Nov 2004

The LiveUpdate is normally made available 24 hours after first being released for AutoUpdating.

It's still best to check/update manually - every day in my case with AVG.

  Sans le Sou 11:57 24 Nov 2004

Hello - mine has just updated itself to 23/11/04 which was yesterday. I got the yellow complete splash screen but I never get the pulsing aerial now, can this be re-instated?

  Steven W 12:21 24 Nov 2004

It appears to have done it without telling it was done. Even though i have the option to tell me when its done.

So the answer seems to be "Whilst you making a coffee"

Thanks all

  anchor 15:28 24 Nov 2004

I think it means Wednesday, (probably in the afternoon), US west coast time. This would be very late in the evening our time. Hence for most of us in the UK, auto updating is done on Thursday morning.

However, I personally update daily from the Norton site. A new defintion file is released every single day. Being on broadband, the file downloads in about 95 seconds.

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