When do you throw out a HDD?

  Electronic_Eric 23:33 17 Mar 2013

At what point do you throw a HDD out? I have a few lying around and can't decide on whether i should throw them in the bin or keep them around.

  lotvic 00:27 18 Mar 2013

Depends on what's on them and size. I never chuck out any until I have applied lump hammer/drilled through to break the shiny disc inside to make them unusable/unreadable (even the clunky ones that have mechanical fault) Obviously I protect against flying bits :)

  Electronic_Eric 01:24 18 Mar 2013

Obviously, if a HDD is thrown away, any wanted data is copied over to something else first.

  spuds 09:33 18 Mar 2013

At what point, would be when you decide, depending on possible space limitations or requirements. Perhaps the Nigerian 419 scammer's might have good use for them, or some third world recycling enterprise. Not much value here in the UK, with the price drops on new HDD's?.

  Nontek 10:03 18 Mar 2013

Obviously, if a HDD is thrown away, any wanted data is copied over to something else first.

But, even if everything is then deleted from old HDD, the information is still easily accessible!

Hence, as others have said - physical destruction is best policy!

  lotvic 11:04 18 Mar 2013

Chronos, yes I unscrew if possible, but some I've had I couldn't do that no matter how I tried. Had to wedge an old chisel in and belt it until metal casing parted company.

Nontek, Spot on, don't like the idea that it's possible for someone to 'have a looksee' and recover any data. Bit like shredding or burning old papers and bank statements.

  wee eddie 11:06 18 Mar 2013

Never throw away - stick them into a case and use as an External Back-up Drive

  wee eddie 11:15 18 Mar 2013

Physical Destruction: Hitting with a hammer is, potentially, very dangerous to yourself from flying shards of disk.

The best way that I have heard, is to crush it in a vice. If you don't have one, every small Garage does.

  spuds 11:51 18 Mar 2013

Going on destruction, I once witnessed a large quantity of 'dodgy' goods, including computer drives and parts, go through the 'JCB' treatment, then dropped into a furnace. That should have destroyed any evidence?.

  spuds 12:48 18 Mar 2013

Chronus the 2nd

Appears you have to register to observe or join the website?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 18 Mar 2013

Have a set of IDE driveson my desk at the moment 4,8,10,15,40G IDE all empty

A 30G with PC linux OS on it

A 40G with XP set up for my IBM desktop (replaced by a 120G)

and a 120G with a copy of my work files backed up to it (even though these same files are backed up on two different SATA drives)

Just can't bear to throw away anything that still works :0)

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