when changing Web Browser what happens to the email

  premier man 16:00 06 Dec 2012

Hi my sister-in-law is having problems with her IE Web Browser ...if I change to another Web Browser....what happens to the Emails?.....do they go with the new Browser.....also which is the best Browser to go for?.....

  Woolwell 16:08 06 Dec 2012

Nothing happens to the emails. You login to the site as normal using a different browser.

"Best browser to go for" depends on whether she wishes to customise the look, add toolbars, etc. Chrome is fast and good but doesn't permit toolbars.

  wbae 16:10 06 Dec 2012

If she is using Webmail i.e. Google or Yahoo etc. they will be available on any browser.

I use Google Chrome, it is fast and efficient, and easy to use specially with the Quick Dial extension.


  premier man 16:40 06 Dec 2012

Many thanks for your quick responses Woolwell & wbae.....she is an elderly lady and uses her PC mainly for emailing and games.....will I need to remove IE or not?...she is with Sky at the moment......it seems as if Google Chrome is the one to go for.....she is on Windows 7!!! Thanks

  wbae 17:10 06 Dec 2012

No you can leave IE there, may be best to make the new Browser the DEFAULT one, otherwise clicking on links may open up IE instead of your new Browser.

IE can still be useful on certain websites, e.g. form filling ones will sometimes only work on IE.


  Forum Editor 17:16 06 Dec 2012

"it seems as if Google Chrome is the one to go for..."

I agree - it's bar far the best browser in my opinion. Make sure that you check the settings when you have downloaded and installed Chrome,you want to ensure that it doesn't remember passwords. It's a bad idea to allow a browser to fill in forms for you - always do it manually.

  premier man 15:17 07 Dec 2012

Thank you....that answers my questions.. regards

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