When changing cpu ,Doe s the new cpu need drivers?

  pokemom 14:32 21 Apr 2006

as im in the process of changing the cpu i have the thermal compound etc .. and the fan but do i have to go into the bios and change anything and does it need a driver ,like most things ,?

  howard63 14:49 21 Apr 2006

under normal circumstances the cpu will be automatically detected. If not you may have to enter certain parameters into the bios.

  keef66 15:04 21 Apr 2006

Providing the mobo is compatible with the cpu it should be automatic. Check afterwards that it's been correctly identified. Mine once dropped the fsb from 133 to 100 and so thought I'd got a slower cpu; needed resetting in the bios.

If the bios is relatively old it may need to be flashed to a newer version to make the mobo recognise newer processors which weren't around when it was manufactured

  pokemom 15:30 21 Apr 2006

aha and how do i go about that go to the web site of my mother board ?

  User-312386 16:03 21 Apr 2006

yes go to the manufacturers website

what MOBO is it?

  ed-0 16:35 21 Apr 2006

Are you going to try the barton?

Don't bother with the jetway board it won't take it. Are you going to try the ESC K7S5A?

There is no bios upgrade for a barton cpu, you should just slot it in, put the paste on and connect the fan. Boot up and see if it will fire.

You will need to check the settings in CPU PNP setup page in the bios. At best you want the cpu frequency to be 133Mhz and the cpu ratio at 7.0

click here

  ed-0 16:37 21 Apr 2006

That should read;

cpu ratio at 11.0

If it goes well it should give you a clock speed of 1.463Ghz.

  pokemom 22:10 22 Apr 2006

yeah nice ed o yea i was going to try the barton in the k7s5a ,but i dont want to mess up nothin but i will have a go in the morning and then what happens about everything on the hdd and the xp OS that i have do i have to reinstall that ? cause of diff clock speed ?

  ed-0 22:34 22 Apr 2006

If it does recognise the barton cpu, then it will boot straight to windows.

You will not need to reinstall windows, you just may need to alter the fsb in the bios.

Thats IF it accepts the barton and boots.

  pokemom 11:16 23 Apr 2006

ok lvely cheers and thanks again i was waiting till the morn for that little bit of advice fair play to you and i`ll have a go !

  pokemom 11:56 23 Apr 2006

Well i put the bartom in the Ecs board and it booted straight away before i had chance to go in to the bios cause i had turned the screen off as well thus having to turn it bac on cause i was in the pc ( for obvios reasons) anyway she booted straight in to windows on 100 mhz believe it or not at 1100 the speed came out and then i reset and changed it ,to 133 and she s pulling exactly as you said 1.467 it says which in any case is better than 896 ,but how long would be advisable to keep it in without it doing any harm ?obviosly until i get new board but that could be two weeks as i have other thing asw ell like as ya do like ,thanks again well chuffe d just dont want to blow it before i get me boa\rd

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