when building a pc....

  jesta 21:39 13 Feb 2005

does anyone ever use an anti-static wriststrap when building a pc?and is carpet a bad place to build a pc on?

  stalion 21:42 13 Feb 2005

yes you should use one and stand on a rubber mat if possible

  josie mayhem 22:41 13 Feb 2005

Strap yes, not willing to risk, touch the computer to de-static myself, all for the sack of a couple of quid.

Hum, I don't use a perpose made anti-static matt, but use a large piece of thick cardboard, and use a anti-static bag from a mobo on top of the cardboard. So far I haven't fried any form of chip due to static.

And sometimes I ponder weather this is urban myth!? but I'm not willing to find out all for the sack of a couple of quid, it better to be safe than sorry!!

  Chezdez 22:45 13 Feb 2005

yes, carpet is possibly the worst place you coul build a PC :S

best off doing it on a desk, with an anti-static wrist band on, connected to the case, which in turn should have the power supply fitted and plugged into the wall, with the socket OFF

  EdFrench 22:47 13 Feb 2005

Definately NO urbane myth. I have found out to my cost. £40.00 #~%$**

  hugh-265156 22:53 13 Feb 2005

with my computer i normally do use an anti static strap when i am working inside the case and handling components and so on but most times if its just to clean a fan for example then i dont bother. i just be careful not to wear my shell suit at the time :-) no problems so far. i`m a bit more careful if its not my computer.

  Lady Lara 22:54 13 Feb 2005

Strap ---- yes!!!! without shadow...

Building on a Carpet??? Mind your back !!! Use a table!!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 23:03 13 Feb 2005

I never wore an anti-static strap.

i even left the mobo on the carpet when prepearing it.

shows how carefull i am

but i never had any probs

  sidecar sid 23:03 13 Feb 2005

Never used one.

All the PCs i have built have been constructed on a sheet of cardboard in the dining room table(didn't want to scratch the table)the only static precautions i take are to touch the metal case of the PC occasionally and avoid wearing nylon underpants.

  Buchan 35 23:17 13 Feb 2005

We used to have a saying that only the good die young. Ben stop taking foolish chances. I hope you`re not thinking "this won`t happen to me" well try this for a parallel. How many threads have you read on this forum where the writer wanted help to clear the PC because He/She had`nt bothered to load even a free antivirus because "it would`nt happen to them????

  THE TERMINATOR 23:23 13 Feb 2005

I used to have an anti-static wrist band but it went walkies years ago. I always touch the inside of the case though to de-static myself whenever I am inside the pc. I have always built/upgraded my pc(s) in the bedroom, on the carpet, and have never had any probs in 10 years....TT

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