When is a broken DVD not a broken DVD

  Aspman 16:17 15 Jan 2003
  Aspman 16:17 15 Jan 2003

I'm not sure if I've been bad or not.
I was about to restore my pc back to its old configuration of Dual boot win98 and Win2000 after experimenting with XP for a few months. My pc struggled to cope and I found XP quite buggy in this instance.

When I went to start the process I noticed that my DVD drive was dead. I had to eject the disk that was in it with a paperclip. I tried a few things changed the power lead changed the IDE lead, added and removed other deviced off the PSU. Nope it stayed dead just like there was no power.

I emailed Dell, who responded quite promtly with an email of suggestions. Nothing I hadn't tried already. Emailed them back and they have agreed to send out a replacement drive. Very little arguing which is unsual in my experience of Dell.
Anyway I was happy new drive coming. Closed the case of the machine and rebooted it.

I look down and the drive has spun up and started working. Its been fine since.

Feeling a bit guilty now (not that guilty though), should I tell Dell to keep the new drive or should I take it anyway as the old one may have an intermittent fault.
And what will they do if they take the old one back and find it works perfectly (in their opinion)?


  Legolas 16:33 15 Jan 2003

Ah now that is quite a hard decision to make, I suppose strictly speaking you should inform Dell of the developments and see what they say they will probably ask for the DVD Drive to be returned but you never know they might let you keep it. Of course you could just keep the drive and say nothing just in case the other one goes belly up but couuld you sleep at night? What would I do I hear you ask...well...er..where did I put these sleeping pills:-}

  Aspman 11:07 16 Jan 2003

Ah but they want the old one back anyway.
Hmm what a dilemma???

I think I shall take the new one and give them back the old one. I did make the warranty claim under good faith.
If it was a mistake, well... I'll just have to live with it and hope I don't get a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Regards Aspman (currently nailing old planks of wood across doors and windows at odd angles as is the fashion when fear of abduction strikes)

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