when is a blank not a blank (DVD)?

  pollpott 10:57 29 Nov 2005

My computer told me it was a good idea to make a recovery disk, so being the careful owner that i am I followed the instructions and was eventually asked to insert a blank DVD. I unwrapped a new disc, inserted it and was then informed that it was not a blank. I unwrapped another and the same thing happened.The type I a m using is DVD+RW is there a reason why this hasn't worked? Another thing related to this is that I have in "My Computer" 2 separate entries for disks, one labelled"HP recovery (D)" which has total capacity 5.98 GB, file system FAT32 and "HP PavillionC" which is 137GB. As far as I know the PC only has one HD, so I assume this setup is a sort of partitioning thing. Does this mean that I don't actually need a separate recovery disk? Sorry, this seems to have gone on a lot, but any suggestions would be welcome.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:08 29 Nov 2005

1 - I would suggest that you try a dvd-r or dvd+r disk rather than rw.

2 - a single hard disk can be partitioned into many other disks. That is what you have.

It is good to have a seperate source of backup in case the physical disk is damamged.

  spuds 11:13 29 Nov 2005

What brand of disc are you using. Some can be very temperamental with some recorders.

  pollpott 11:34 29 Nov 2005

Thanks for the confirmation DS, I thought it might be that.The disk I tried is a TDK. any thoughts?

  wee eddie 12:58 29 Nov 2005

or is it Pre-Formatted.

As all my backups go to an external drive I am going from memory.

It may be necessary to Format RW disks

  Totally-braindead 13:09 29 Nov 2005

Like wee eddie I too no longer use RW disks, after a couple of failures I just use either CDRs or DVD+ or - Rs. Bearing in mind that they aren't all that pricey now and are more reliable than their rewriteable equivalents I just don't think its worth taking the chance. Incidently just because your disks are a good make ie TDK doesn't mean that your drive will like then. I would also suggest you try formatting a disk and see what happens then.

  David4637 14:58 29 Nov 2005

Use a CDRW or DVDRW to check what you are trying to do works. If it does then copy the contents to CDR or DVDR. Then backup next time using CDR etc. That way you won't be burning coasters if something is not working. David

  pollpott 17:19 29 Nov 2005

Hi everyone, I have used one of the disks already to archive some video footage I copied from a camcorder so it's not the drive which doesn't cope with the disks, It would seem to make sense to try a different format though.Is it still an idea to format a disk and try that?

  rawprawn 17:34 29 Nov 2005

I would think that the 5.98 GB, file system FAT32 is HP built in recovery. When you boot do you see a message something like "Press F 11 for recovery" if so I don't think you need to make a recovery disc. FAT £" is usual for recovery data.

  rawprawn 17:35 29 Nov 2005

FAT£" should read FAT32

  pollpott 19:49 29 Nov 2005

Hi rawprawn, yes it does come up with that message right at the beginning of the bootup so I suppose that would be available if that was as far as I could get in the event of a system failure?

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