When backing up with Acronis TI should I stop

  Sapins 11:40 15 Mar 2007

Using the computer? e.g. can I still peruse the forums, check e-mail etc:?

  terryf 11:46 15 Mar 2007

I personally don't because the processor will be working hard doing the backup and also I don't want the remotest chance that the backup file MIGHT get mangled. This may be unlikely BUT. I have set my backup in the options to be highest priority and it only takes about 12 mins when I go and make a cup of tea

  vinnyT 11:50 15 Mar 2007

TI is fast enough that on mostpc it's not going to take too long for a backup to complete, look on it as an opportunity to stretch your legs and have time away from the pc (as you're supposed to do anyway).

  Batch 12:03 15 Mar 2007

My understanding is that it locks key files (don't know how) as it processes them. I assume that it knows what it is doing as, otherwise, I would expect to have to boot into a separate shell dedicated (e.g. not in Windows) as one does one restores the active partition.

Having said that, I leave it to complete on its own (mine takes about 3 mins).

  rawprawn 14:53 15 Mar 2007

I Have used IE7 whilst backing up with
Acronis 9 with no problms, but it wil take abit longer. If you are running any automatic defrag program disable it wile cronis is running

  Sapins 21:41 15 Mar 2007

Thanks for the replies, I will leave it alone to get on with it.

  woodchip 22:14 15 Mar 2007

When creating a Image you are better using the Acronis Rescue disc from DOS as it works faster and cleaner

  Spark6 23:16 15 Mar 2007


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