When are the Radeon X2600 series released?

  Ben 216 02:23 22 Jun 2007

I'm looking to upgrade from my X800 XL to another ATI card, but the new X2900 which supports shader 4 and DX10 are out of my price range at the moment. I could go for an X1950 XT for a fraction of the price but I would have to upgrade again sooner as it's only DX9 and shader 3. Does anyone know when the X2600 range is due for release? I can't find one anywhere and I'm guessing it'll be a more reasonable price while still beating my current card silly.

  ambra4 03:03 22 Jun 2007

No release date as yet

Check this site

click here

  crosstrainer 07:55 22 Jun 2007

The new ATI offering (which competes with Nvidias' 8800GTX) has recently been reviewed. The overall opinion is that whilst it is undeniably fast, it runs very hot, and has very high power requirements. I would be inclined to wait until prices fall (as they always do) once uptake of the new cards begins.

I am running 2 8800GTX cards in sli mode, but this requires a 1000 watt psu to run properly, there are few offerings in the game dept. as yet which take advantage of DX10 so, unless your nuts like me (and benefit from oem pricing) then I would wait. New cards are in the pipeline, and when released, pricing will become more realistic.

  Ben 216 10:43 22 Jun 2007

I was just after a single card, my motherboard doesn't support SLi/Crossfire. The reason I'm looking for a new card is that I have got Colin McRae Dirt, which requires shader 3 and more and more games are now using it as it's favoured by the Xbox 360. Like you I am a bit mad and like to be able to run everything I throw at my PC. It seems that NVidia are way ahead of ATI at the moment for specs, but I'm a Sapphire fan and it makes swapping cards and setting up a lot easier! Guess I'll just have to wait until they get released and check out the reviews then.

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