WhatsApp blocked or can’t add number

  andrea_brionespe 19:50 15 Feb 2018

Maybe someone can shred some light?

I cannot see someone’s profile picture or last online status. I could see the status pic/message though (which is now gone cuz it last only 24 hours). I checked with a friend, she put a status and then blocked me ... and I could still see it so this does not mean I am not blocked.

When I use WhatsApp web though, I can see his status as “hey I am using WhatsApp” so I guess he blocked my number right? Through the web it seems as I can add him to a group chat as well, which I am not able to do though my mobile.

All seems to indicate I am well Blocked... but, I asked a Friend to add his number and check whether she could see his profile pic Or something .... her phone couldn’t even find him in WhatsApp. Like he didn’t have one and all info she could get was: connected by G (google). She uses android and have an apple phone.

So, what do you think, has this person changed his sim? Blocked me? Erased his WhatsApp? Using an online server where only he can add? Any help is great, my friend simply disappeared.

If it weren’t for what my fiend experienced, I wouldn’t even bother asking.


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