What's your password?

  powerless 22:59 23 Aug 2003

Don't be stupid and anwser it!

When was the last time you changed your password, for, email, Instant messaging, Forums ;-), Online banking anything you can think of that will mean you will have to enter a password?

I'm gussing NEVER. A Good point about this is that you'll never forget it.

Which is good but you should change your password just in case someone is trying to enter one your "accounts".

Recenlty the Forum Editors password was accessed without his knowledge. A post consisting of "." and "." was seen. WOW! so imaginative...But what is if it was those back account details? All those contacts on MSN messenger are being seen by someone else by simply guessing your password.

I'm not here to SCARE you, think of the chances of someone wanting to access something you have access to with a password.

Then think of the chances of them actually guessing the password. But, oh, there'll need the user name first.

Change your password at least once from the orignal that you had in the first place...

Be safe and make a change...

BUT remember to remember the new password!

Choosing a password, All so they say -

Boring click here

Interesting click here

Hmmm click here

Just have a look at this forget the rest - click here

In case you forget your passy "Ultimate Password Recovery Guide" click here

Up to you!

Next Edition of powerless's insights: XP's Visuals!


  powerless 23:01 23 Aug 2003


  powerless 23:23 23 Aug 2003

ah forget it...I try and do some good, and ah well!

  Forum Editor 23:24 23 Aug 2003

was accessed without his knowledge"

Errrm........no it wasn't, but thanks for the excellent links.

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