Whats wrong with my Belkin router?

  Nic80 20:20 25 Jun 2007

I haven't been able to access certain sites recently and I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my router or the settings.

I can't access scrabulous which I could up until last week now admin are saying I need to open ports 24000 - 24100 but I don't know how to do this and I don't know either why all of a sudden this would need to be done.

I also can't get onto the Belkin website to check for updates, typical! Any other website seems to be fine just those two.

Anyone any ideas?

  skidzy 20:28 25 Jun 2007

Open the routers configuration page and change the MTU value to 1400 or 1500 if not set already.

If this works for you its courtesy of Dipso forum member.

  Nic80 20:36 25 Jun 2007

thanks but its already set to 1400 and when I tried to change it to 1500 it says only values between 1400-1454.

  skidzy 20:46 25 Jun 2007
  Nic80 20:48 25 Jun 2007

It wont load the page cos its scrabulous, its the whole site I can't access though if I go to just the IP address (click here) it works fine but when I click on a games room it tells me I can't connect cos I need to open the ports

  Nic80 20:52 25 Jun 2007

I managed to get to the page you suggested by using the IP address and it basically says to open the ports but I don't know how.

  Johnnn 21:15 25 Jun 2007

Opening ports on a belkin router.

I know this, as I run a few services (such as FTP and game servers) behind this router.

You need to go into the router configuration settings and add a virtual server.

Open up Internet Explorer (for some reason it doesn't work correctly with Firefox, unless you use the IE as I do)

type in click here

This should bring up the router settings interface.

Click on Virtual Servers on the left. (At this point you'll be ask for a password. If you changed the password then enter it, if you haven't then refer to the manual for the default password)

You see a screen with lots of (most likely) empty boxes numbered 1 to 15.

Tick one of the boxes that is not in use.

Then in the next box to the right add a description (e.g. scrabulous)

The next box is the Inbound Ports. Put in the values you have been given (in this case 24000 - 24100)

The next box is the Protocol. Now if this is for gaming it is usually UDP, but it could be TCP, you'll need to check with their admin.

Next is the local (Private) port, again enter the values 24000 - 24100 as before.

Last you need to enter the private IP. This is the IP address of you computer as given by the router.

Open the command prompt (ie Start -> Run -> cmd)
Then type in ipconfig and press enter. This will give you your computers IP address on the network.

Use this value in the private IP in the router screen.

Then scroll down and click apply changes.

NB: If you router is giving computers connected to it automatic IP addresses (know as a DHCP server) then you will come across problems if you computers IP address changes. If this is the case then you will need to use an Static IP configuration in your router so that the same computer always gets the same IP address.

That lesson is for another day :)

  Nic80 23:24 25 Jun 2007

Thanks so much for the reply, I done everything you said to do but it still doesn't work. When you said do it on IE cos it wont work on Firefox I was like Woohoo that explains it...but no, still never worked :(

Scrabulous claims theres nothing wrong with the site so it must be my connection.

  skidzy 00:02 26 Jun 2007

Simple test to eliminate your firewall causing the issue.

Briefly disable your firewall and try again.
Also check your routers configuration and again briefly turn off the hardware firewall and try again.

Dont forget to enable the firewalls again.

  Nic80 00:08 26 Jun 2007

well I guess it isn't the firewall then cos I went to disable it and the page still wouldn't work.

thanks for your help.

  Johnnn 12:33 26 Jun 2007

Well if you have done what I have said, then you have done what they asked you to do (i.e. open the ports)

So the only reasoning here is a problem with their site.

Only other thing, if your router is set on DHCP, it might be changing your computers IP address each time you turn it on.

How many computers do you have connected to the router? (including Wi-Fi connections, and other devices, such as game consoles etc)

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