What's wife done??

  Stowit 13:28 05 Feb 2004

I went out for 5 ins & the wireless keyboard's gone strange. I can'T type the letter following n on the keyboard, various keys operate shortcuts ( D sends open windows to the taskbar) (& others open other windows) I've discovered caps lock & upper case allow e to type (sort of) helppppppp i've tried reseting wireless link but no avail.

  oldal 13:34 05 Feb 2004

Try changing the keyboard battery (batteries) could be just a coincidence. i.e. wife not guilty !!!

  Stowit 13:38 05 Feb 2004

I've just re-booted & it's gone back to normal, having frightened the bejesus out of me! She 'dusted ' the keyboard, & it went really wacky, m stopped working, d minimised everything, e opened 'my computer', thankfully all ok now, but I am still curious what happened - suggestions gratefuly received......

  tafoody 13:42 05 Feb 2004

sounds like you enabled 'sticky keys' and in turn the 'windows' key was stuck down,

resulting in 'd' being 'windows key + d'

control panel\accessabilty options.

  Stowit 13:44 05 Feb 2004

Thanks oldal but there's wifely guilt somewhere there. Keyboard's not that old & I tried taking the batteries out & reinstalling to no avail. It links ok, so its not them. Bizar, cured now, just I feel I've aged 10 years.

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