What's slowing down Nero 6 and DVD Shrink

  malwarehater 14:32 19 Feb 2006

I have an e-machine 4020 with:

3.06mhz processor (Pentium 4)
2x 250gb Seagate sata hdd's
1gb RAM
DVD Burner
1x Maxtor 120gb ext hdd
Creative Soundblaster live! soundcard.
Windows XP Home edition.

my av, and firewall is BitDefender 9 pro.

Im running all the usual progs-
MS works
Nero 6
my printer, scanner etc.

I use dvd shrink 3.2 to back up ;-) my dvd's etc..I then use Nero to burn them....they seem to run fine for a while, then for some strange reason they seem to slow down to almost a grinding halt...eg.

Five days ago i ripped a 5.6gb dvd in dvd shrink, it took 9 mins....i burnt it in Nero in 8 mins.

Now something has gone wrong and for some reason dvd shrink is taking 1.5 hrs to rip a dvd...and Nero is taking 20-40 mins to burn a dvd....

What happens with Nero is that when burning a dvd, the buffer is going up and down fast instead of being steady at around 90-97%....this seems to slow it down to about 3-5 times slower burning speeds than usual.

This happens to me regularly...both progs seem to run fine....and then, for some reason this happens.......Ive even tried a re-install of Windows b4 now- Nero, and DVD shrink then seem to work fine for a while, then they go funny again after a month or so.

Ive run PC Doc pro incase it was temporary files that were doing it etc....Ive run Spyware Doctor in case theres any spyware etc......and all seems to be fine.

Everything else is working fine....eg...using photoshop or works, or transferring a ripped dvd between hdd's to see if there's a problem transferring data etc...but it transfers data quickly so i dont think it's a hdd problem.

Does anyone have any idea what can be doing this as i really cant get to the bottom of whats causing this??....Ive tried re-install's of Nero and DVD Shrink..and it makes NO difference.

I am mystified by this....it's very frustrating, and the only way ive ever found to overcome this is to do a complete re-install of Windows etc......after this they both( Nero and DVD Shrink) seem to work ok for a little while then they go funny again.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  €dstowe 14:40 19 Feb 2006

Is your machine stuffed up with rubbish files? Clean it up with click here

Is your drive very fragmented? Do a defragmentation.

All video work, including what you are doing, takes up a lot of processor power. Be careful you don't have loads of other programs running at the same time - especially hidden ones.

  gudgulf 15:28 19 Feb 2006

Make sure DMA mode is enabled on your drives.

Open Device Manager and look at IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers......click on the + sign and select the IDE channel your DVD drives are on.Rt click it and select properties,then advanced settings.....it should say DMA if available and give the acrual setting for your drive,eg Ultra DMA mode 4.

If it says PIO only then your drives are not running at antway near their maximum data transfer capabiliy.

click here if you find your drives have reverted to PIO mode.

  gudgulf 15:29 19 Feb 2006

antway?????? er that should read anywhere.


  malwarehater 18:03 19 Feb 2006


Thanks my friend.......i think you found the answer to this problem.

Firstly....i read that very informative article, and i have indeed been trying to rip a damaged dvd, which the article seems to attribute this problem to (crc errors when ripping scratched or damaged cd's/dvd's etc)

Secondly......i checked the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, and the "transfer mode" setting is set to PIO ONLY.

I am going to run the "resetdma.vbs." file and i will report back to let you know if it worked.

  malwarehater 19:32 19 Feb 2006


I ran the "resetdma.vbs." file......And all is well........dvd is firing on all cylinders now :-)

I just ripped a dvd in dvd shrink.......it took 19 minutes to rip( including shrinking it from 7.3gb to 4.46gb).....Then i burnt it in Nero in 7.56 minutes.....cool huh.

I love you man...well not quite- lol....but you've just fixed a problem which has plagued me for a few yrs now....you're a true superhero, so many many thanks my friend.

This just goes to show how awesome this forum is, and how cool and knowledgable you guys are.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:23 19 Feb 2006

You can set DVD shrink to use Nero automatically.

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