Whats with this reinstalling windows

  mammak 22:45 24 May 2006

I have only been running computers for about 4+ years first one was the good old 98se (blue screen crazy windows in my opinion) since ran XP pro "my darling of the windows family " and 2 XP home had my problems a lot as it happens but never had to reinstall windows always got over the problems without this drastic measure I don’t claim to be any expert far from it, but on looking at a lot of posts it seems a complete install is the first and for most why? am I just lucky or have I taken the right advice and kept my comps to their up most performance.
PSS. Dare say FE will move this to speakers but thought I’d post it here for a better chance of response.

  woodchip 22:52 24 May 2006

With XP when it goes at the knees it needs to be reinstalled or repaired, as there is no DOS to rescue it like there is in 98se
Hence something like this may get you going.
click here

  ghm101 22:58 24 May 2006

Especially after you have done it once or twice, a reinstall dosn't actually take very long, ranging from a few hours or more realisticly an evening by the time you add back all your extra apps and hardware.

You balance the time a reinstall takes you with the unknown amount of time it may take to resolve some problem or other (with no guarantee of success.

You then reach the conclusion that the shortest distance between a nackered computer with issues and a nice clean system with everything working is the reinstall option.

have a look click here
It is not as scary as it sounds and it is good to have another pc handy for guidance the first couple of times

  GroupFC 23:00 24 May 2006

Well I have just re-installed XP home on my PC which I have had for just about four years. It had accumulated a lot of dross and I must say it does feel like a new machine! Apart from the time taken to set everything up again, I think it will be worth it.

I have been a forumite, I think, for about the same time and I intend following a few useful tips:-

1) take regular images of the HD
2) Back up important work on a daily basis
3) Consider carefully whether or not I need a particular program BEFORE loading it.
4) Keep the kids away from the machine as much as possible!

  mammak 23:02 24 May 2006

But woodchip I have never had to do this hence my post if say XP did go on me for my pro I dont have backup or discs I read your post with interest but couldnt contribute as I dont have a floppy drive on that comp.

  woodchip 23:06 24 May 2006

3 hours!!!!! Them Days are PAST. I put mine back in about ten minutes with a good Image created with Acronis. This is Partition Info and all the software in a good state when it was created. It don't matter about the time date, it was made if you incremental backups of E-Mails etc

  ed-0 23:15 24 May 2006

About 10 minutes here, also. I have a backup hard drive, imaged, that can be slotted in to the computer and made to boot in a couple of minutes. regular backups of my doc's etc are made to a 1Gb memory stick. Pop that in and the system is back to full speed.


One thing you may have noticed over the years is how windows has slowed a little. it doesn't boot so quick. Office takes it's time to load. Same with pictures. Loads of crud gets put on computers and slows the system down. Now, with technology, we have the option to take a snapshot of our computer when it was blistering fast. If we think we have a major problem that may take hours to sort or the machine is grinding to a halt. We can travel back in time and put things how they were.

The days of taking hours or days to reinstall are nearly over.

  ghm101 23:23 24 May 2006


Not everyone has image software to hand, particularly a lot of my friends machines whose dubious privilege it seems to be mine to fix (I charge them in beer :).
(Mostly my wife’s friends machines whose husbands or sons have, in a combination of ignorance and lust, clicked on a load of "inappropriate" links and got themselves a load of spy ware).

You have probably committed to sorting out decent image software after
a) Reinstalling windows "manually" a couple of times
b) Realising the benefits of doing so
c) Deciding to sort yourself out so you can reset your box at the drop of a hat.

When I have my own decently healthy machine I might reinstall it once every 2-3 years if it has some problem or has deteriorated for whatever reason (not kept the kids away from it). So I haven’t felt the need for image stuff. In this respect I am a bit like mammak.

A question for you guys is - what exactly do you do with your PC's than means you have to be soo well prepared to reinstall? ;)

  woodchip 23:28 24 May 2006

If I do that I leave them with a Image on a CD that can be restored

  ed-0 23:36 24 May 2006

" A question for you guys is - what exactly do you do with your PC's than means you have to be soo well prepared to reinstall? ;)"

53 bleeding updates from Microsoft. One of them was interfering with my on board WiFi.


insert backup hard drive with all programmes on. transfer all docs from memory stick. turn off windows update :-) result:- one happy computer user.

time taken 10 minutes.;-)

  mammak 10:11 25 May 2006

I am probably going to eat my words here but take my oldest comp the Xp pro one (my very first 98se now lives with my daughter and is ok )I do regular backups, virus scans and spyware scans ect I dont have any discs but still I have never had the need to consider reinstalling windows which would be hard as I dont have the discs! but it runs like a dream "touch wood" I have the discs for my newer computers so if all went belly up I would be ok there,

what I am really saying is there any real need to reinstall as often as it seems most do is it the easest option ? or the only option ? left when something goes wrong?

I have never done it or had to do it I dare say if it come to it I would be really stuck I dont think I would know what to do to be honest!

and thanks for all your responses my post is due to the fact what if I had to when would I need to and it interested my to see others veiws on the reinstalling issue.

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