What's procedure if e-bay item duff?

  TommyRed 12:43 18 May 2004

Bought 'Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix' of e-bay, received it this morning but when try to install it says the cd key is invalid. The key is located inside the jewel case under the cd. It appears to have come from somewhere else as its not stuck down properly, and this is advertised as "New in Box", though I reckon its been used. Is there a somewhere on e-bay to complain or shall I just wait for the seller to respond to my e-mail, and if not a satisfactory conclusion then take matters further? TIA TR

  EJgull 12:51 18 May 2004

i would wait to see if the person responds to you. If they dont then contact ebay.

  Shas 12:53 18 May 2004

I think, but am not certain, that your second suggestion is right. My daughter bought a supposedly genuine item, which turned out not to be, and they first contacted the seller asking for a refund, but as he hasn't responded in the time they gave him, so they got in touch with Ebay who then take the matter up on their behalf apparently. Sorry, bit sketchy with the info but that's basically what they had to do.

  Dipso 13:14 18 May 2004

I would wait for the sellers response first as said before.

You haven't said how you paid. Paying by PayPal gives you the option of formally registering a complaint within 30 days of auction end and once registered they do everything. This can include forcing the seller to refund if a satisfactory resolution is not offered.

  TommyRed 16:12 18 May 2004

It was my fault, when I looked at the key for the 1000th time I realised I'd put an alphabetical O instead of a numerical 0. Voila, problem solved. TR

  GaT7 16:38 18 May 2004

Keep this link for the future to report offences - click here. In this case you would be looking at "Seller Non-Performance - Completing a valid transaction without shipping the items to the winning bidder OR significantly misrepresenting an item if the item does not meet the terms and item description outlined in the listing." under 'Selling offences', somewhere in the middle of the page. G

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