Whats a OEM version mean

  erkmatrix 10:06 03 Jan 2003
  erkmatrix 10:06 03 Jan 2003

I just wondered if someone could explain the difference between a retailed boxed version of say for example windows office and a OEM, is the OEM version like just what you would get bundled with your pc without manual and a box?


Yep - thats just what it means!

OEM or "Original Equipment Manufacturer" products are cheaper versions supplied to PC makers to bundle with PC's etc. They do not include manuals or fancy packaging that you would see in a PC shop. THe quality is just the same but you should be aware that you may need to purchase some "Hardware" to qualify for such a product, some vendors bend the rules to the extent that a floppy disk cable will suffice!

  €dstow 11:11 03 Jan 2003

I think you should be aware that some OEM items come without connecting cables. This may or may not be a problem as you could already have a cable. Even so, a cable as an extra still leaves OEM considerably cheaper in most cases than full retail packaging. Go for it whenever you can.


  DieSse 11:28 03 Jan 2003

OEM versions are always cut down in some way, even if it's just the packaging. Sometimes it's eveything except the unit itself is left out - sometimes it can be very little (lots do come with manuals) - on odd occasions it can actually be different hardware to the retail version.

So simply be aware of what you are getting when you buy OEM.

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