What's my pci card?

  s99Raj 21:47 23 Sep 2005

I've salvaged a PCI card from an oldish computer but I can't quite figure out what I can do with it or where I can get drivers for it.

The largest chip on it says this :


There's also a large silver metal block on which it says :

3139 147 20981G#
FQ1216MEP/I H-3
SV20 0337

The board says :


Are these of any help to anyone in order to help me possibly use this card? Cheers.

  mattyc_92 21:50 23 Sep 2005

What is the card? a Graphics Card? a Sound Card?

What operating system will be using this card?

  Chegs ® 21:53 23 Sep 2005

Its a TV Tuner card,but dunno where you'd get a driver for it as the only info I found was a japanese page requesting a linux based driver.Sorry mate.

  Skills 21:54 23 Sep 2005

I can find a connexant CX23416 the specs page is click here looks like it a TV capture card.

  s99Raj 21:54 23 Sep 2005

Well, this is my question. It doesn't look like a sound card but something to do with video.

It seems to have :

- a socket as if a TV aerial would fit into it

- an S-video type of socket with four circular holes and a rectangular hole

- three circular sockets coloured red, white and yellow

Is that of any use?

And I'll be using XP Prof.

  MAJ 21:56 23 Sep 2005

Sounds like a video capture card. click here

  s99Raj 21:57 23 Sep 2005

I wonder if I'd be abl to use it to connect a VCR to, play a tape, and record it to hard disk and then to CD.

Does that sound viable?

  Chegs ® 21:58 23 Sep 2005

click here

Heres a full google rundown,but its primarily linux stuff again.

  s99Raj 22:01 23 Sep 2005

Yes, thanks for all that.

Maybe I should just chuck it and buy a new one with proper instructions, drivers and for Windows.

  Chegs ® 22:04 23 Sep 2005

But thats not a challenge. :-)

  s99Raj 22:07 23 Sep 2005

I could think of better challenges on a Friday night...!

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