Whats my Pc worth

  Oneleggedhaggis 14:15 19 Feb 2010

Im not sure if this is the right area to pu this and i apologise if its not. I have just recently built myself a i nice i7 pc and i have this old one of mine, now i dont want to just chuck it cause thats a waste but i also dont want to get ripped off by a shop

te specs are :

Mobo : XFX nForce 780i 3-Way SLI
Cpu : Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz
Ram : G Skill 2x 2048mb DDR2-SDRAM
Gfx : NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Audio card : Creative XFI Sound blaster SB0460
Hd : Hitachi 500 Gb
HD : Samsung 160 gb
HD : Samsung 160 gb
Case : cooler master Preatorian
OS :Win 7 ultimabe 64 bit
optical drive : DVD rw 16

Thats all i think, opther than the wirless pci card

So yeah is gottabe more than a tenner lol

  bremner 14:27 19 Feb 2010

Looking on Loot then a figure between £150-200 might be achievable. The high figure because of the W7.

However I think you would get similar even if you removed the two 160GB HDD's.

  GaT7 14:34 19 Feb 2010

Have you considered eBay? You never know how much you could get on there as sometimes older components go for silly money - both on the high & low side btw.

Anyway, this is my assessment if sold individually, as could be worth more selling them this way.

Mobo--: £50
CPU---: £15
RAM---: £30
Gfx---: £35
Audio-: £25
Hd500-: £30
Hd160-: £15
Hd160-: £15
Case--: £30
DVD-rw: £10
OS----: £85 (If retail, & may get even more. But if OEM, it would have to sold with mobo as licence is tied to it & would be a lot lower)

Total: £340 (this is not counting fees & delivery costs)

I'm sure some will disagree, but again it's my assessment going on what these sell for on eBay on a good day. Putting a Buy-it-now price for some could be a way to getting a guaranteed sum. G

  GaT7 14:37 19 Feb 2010

Oops! I tried to make all the numbers line up, but didn't manage it! G

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