whats the most likely reason for ram not showing fully within windows 7 64bit?

  theDarkness 00:17 28 May 2012

Whats the most likely reason for ram not stating its correct size within a computer? Windows 7 64bit states 3GB ddr instead of 4GB, yet upon start up, the bios states that 4GB is installed. The system is running seperate pci graphics. Thanks for any tips on how I can get windows to correct this, or on any tools that might be useful in finding out the likely reason.

  birdface 00:24 28 May 2012

It would usually say about 3.4Gb left after installing W/7 etc.

  theDarkness 00:37 28 May 2012

the windows 7 system panel states 'memory (RAM) 3.00 GB' exactly-should it not show the full 4GB, or is some memory set aside for use by hardware within 7, eg the external pci graphics? I believe whilst checking the system earlier some memory utilities showed 3072MB available-I wasnt sure if this was something to be concerned about

  theDarkness 00:40 28 May 2012


  birdface 00:52 28 May 2012

I have 3.24 available out of the 4Gb mind you I have W/7 32Bit version.

  theDarkness 01:11 28 May 2012

In xp and vista 32 bit, with external hardware installed or not, windows would always show the fully installed amount of ram listed in its properties, eg exactly 2.00GB if 2GB was installed. I dont understand why only 3GB out of 4GB is being recognized within windows 7 64-bit when 4GB shows in the bios. Is there an obvious explanation? The 64 bit system I was checking earlier used two different brands of ram, four sticks I believe, but all running together at the same speed with no issues. thanks

  theDarkness 02:28 28 May 2012

Is it true that external pci video memory may be duplicated in windows 7 64-bit, which is the likely reason for the missing 1GB ram, as explained in this link? I have also heard however that there may be issues with some 64bit boards/bios not supporting anything larger than 3GB, and depending on brand may not have a remapping feature to enable any 'missing' ram? thanks

  Ian in Northampton 08:06 28 May 2012

Not sure this helps at all, but I have a weird anomaly where the POST checks 1GB of RAM, th Windows system description shows 1GB of RAM - but the Crucial scanner detects just 512MB...

  KRONOS the First 08:44 28 May 2012

Can you explain where you are seeing this,where on your PC?

  hssutton 10:20 28 May 2012

Don't know the answer, but in "System Properties" The full installed 8Gb of ram is shown in my PC

  theDarkness 10:54 28 May 2012

Chronus > start button, then right clicking on my computer to show properties, the equivalent of this except showing 'installed memory (ram) 3GB' on 64-bit windows 7. The bios on boot however shows 4GB.

if the problem does not lie in being able to remap or if its not possible, and my first link does not relate, all I can find otherwise is in the suggestion of incorrect bios settings or needing to update the bios, here. there are 2 different brands of ram being used 2 modules of each brand in the available slots


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