Whats this mean: res://leframe.dll/dnserror.htm...

  HMG1K 14:39 13 Nov 2008


What does this mean, please?:

waiting for res://leframe.dll/dnserror.htm...

When I open IE7, my home page won't load (click here) - it looks for the site and is trying to connect but in a flash the above RES message appears in the bottom left of the screen.

If I keep hiting F5 repeatedly I can make out the above message.

At the moment although I have full internet connectivity (wireless broadband) I can't get online.

Thanks in advance for your help

  sil_ver 15:05 13 Nov 2008

Doing a 'Google' seems to reveal that the problem is with IE7 or updates thereto. Some suggest uninstalling IE7 and reverting to IE6. Personally I use Firefox.

  provider 2 16:16 13 Nov 2008

This may not be an easy or quick one to fix. I think it might be an idea to check your firewall settings, especially if you are running ZoneAlarm, but here are some more possibilities:

click here

  provider 2 16:38 13 Nov 2008

"It seems that it was a firewall issue all along. Switching to Firefox didn't help. Turns out, when I made a selection is ZoneAlarm to allow the DNS/DCHP in the trusted and internet zone on the High security setting, everything worked just fine."

From: click here

This may not be your particular issue, though.

  HMG1K 17:16 13 Nov 2008

Thank you! I've made sure there's no firewall installed or antivirus installed or running.

I know what you mean about it not being easy to fox - spent the day researching this. Tried WinSockFix and although it didn't fix the problem it said the following file couldn't be released / reregistered as it was in use by another program. (IE7 was shut down during this):


I hunted for that file and it doesn't exist.

Do you think this missing file could be the key?

  provider 2 17:38 13 Nov 2008

Possibly, but I would tend to go for the simpler, even if more time-consuming stuff first in the hope of doing no harm.

Also you might want to give the mysterious healing powers of Softpedia`s Dial-a-Fix a go just in case it may solve the problem:

click here

  HMG1K 17:53 13 Nov 2008

Thanks... Yep, tried Dial a Fix just now.

And reinstalled IE7 - no luck!

Looking at my Activity data - it says 1,885 bytes sent to 9,810 recieved (within minutes of restarting after reinstallation of IE7). So it's recieving better than it was - but no connection to the net!

Would a reinstall (over the top) of my current XP installation help?

  provider 2 16:24 14 Nov 2008


This is a beaut, right enough, and a re-install may eventually be the only way to fix it ... seems rather drastic, though.

Have a look though these 167 responses, some just confirming the problem, others offering successful fixes and see if you can find something that you haven`t tried yet:

click here

  Legolas 16:46 14 Nov 2008

I would try a repair installation of windows should not take long and none of your files or settings will be changed.

  HMG1K 17:55 14 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone...

JUST - in the last hour - managed to fix the problem after nearly coming close to a XP reinstall!

I went to Control Panel > System > Device Manager and uninstalled my NIC and LAN connections, and my wireless card and waited. About 5 mins later XP found these three devices, and reinstalled them automatically. I then tried the net and BINGO! It all worked as normal! I got the IE7 window up (as I reinstalled that last night without luck) and I am now back online!

Thanks for all your help and advice - I hope my solution helps others should they ever have the misfortune to be struck by this annoying hassle!


  provider 2 12:27 15 Nov 2008


Neat solution. Congratulations, and your fix noted.

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