Whats a mcdlog

  merc. 16:17 22 Nov 2005

My brother in-law has got hold of an old 7-8 year old computer running Windows 98, on start up he gets this dialog box with the name of MCDLOG-notepad with a whole lot of numbers and figures with the word EXTRACTED OK opposite them,

it wont go away until he clicks on the close button after that it works OK.

Have not seen computer yet going over at week end,might have to come back again after seeing it if there is any more problems with it

Thanks for now

  merc. 18:08 22 Nov 2005


  Diodorus Siculus 18:11 22 Nov 2005

Take a look at the startup tab under msconfig - there may be something there.

Same too with the startup folder in program files.

Try an anti-spyware scan.

Finally, if the machine is old, a reinstall of the OS could work wonders but be sure to have all you need before starting off.

  merc. 18:37 22 Nov 2005

Diodorus Siculus
As I said wont be having a look at machine till week end I don't think he got any disc's with the computer so a reinstall wont be possible. I was going to take Spybolt with me and install it to see if there is any anti-spyware on his machine.

Only used to Windows XP myself so learning as I go along with 98.

Thanks now


  Diodorus Siculus 18:39 22 Nov 2005

MSCONFIG is the same as in XP




Take a look also at Mike Lin's startup control panel click here

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