what's the limit for email size?

  canard 12:33 17 Dec 2003

Can anyone tell me what the max MB is for emails and does it vary from ISP to ISP?

  Chegs ® 12:35 17 Dec 2003

Some ISP's have a tiny filesize(2mbs)while others (mine)has none(I can apparently email a gb or so)but dialup is ISP dependant. :-)

  keith-236785 14:36 17 Dec 2003

it is ISP dependant, hotmail is 1MB, upgrade version (paid for) is 4MB.

most dial up ISP's i have used have been 1MB.

if you have a large file to send, ftp (upload) it to your free webspace and ask the recipient to download it via a link on an e-mail from you.

  Pesala 15:17 17 Dec 2003

Chainsaw (104 K) click here Splits large files for easier transfer and recombines them on any PC with a simple batch file.

  clayton 15:51 17 Dec 2003

5mb with lycos.

  canard 02:02 18 Dec 2003

Thankyou all very much. As it isn't Lycos but a hotmail address which returned the email I sent shall need Pesala's chainsaw.

  canard 02:03 18 Dec 2003

Or take paperman27's advice.

  hugh-265156 02:11 18 Dec 2003

with outlook express click:

tools/accounts/your account/properties/advanced and tick "break apart messages larger than" and set the size here.

will split before sending and rejoin when recieved i believe.

i can send 6 or 7mb attachments with ntl 600k ok,hav`nt tried any larger than this.

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