What's happened to "street view" on Google Earth

  johnpalmer 13:02 16 Dec 2010

I have just downloaded the latest Google Earth version (beta).

The Google Street View camera icons no longer seem to be available, which used to be available with the tick of a box in the layers menu.

Has this facility been removed now.

Any ideas on this please

  northumbria61 13:04 16 Dec 2010

Not sure about this one but "Beta" version may have something to do with it.

  muddypaws 13:16 16 Dec 2010

Have you tried the top right hand corner of GE.
Tha little man lives there when you hover.
Just drag and drop to where you want Street View to go.

  woodchip 13:55 16 Dec 2010

They have been done for Privacy

  woodchip 13:55 16 Dec 2010

They have been done for Privacy, it was on TV about it

  muddypaws 14:16 16 Dec 2010

Still works on my FF

  theDarkness 18:27 16 Dec 2010

The privacy thing is a bit ridiculous, does this mean that I can be sued in 10 yrs time by simply walking down a street in a residential area!? In a way its essentially the law trying to be above itself-people could argue that criminals could use it to plan their activities, and I could use it to look into peoples homes, but since they can be done in real life without fuss, I dont see what they are trying to really stop in the long run. As in real life, I can just about make out the curtain pattern on my upstairs bedroom, but im finding it impossible to open any doors, so thats as interactive as it gets-the quality isnt good enough to see any room content of any sort, lol. If people keep on trying to stop their houses or possessions from appearing at this rate, then I expect Street View to be rendered as useless or possibly even stopped one day

  johnpalmer 09:24 17 Dec 2010


The little man icon works well.

Many thanks to all

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