whats happened some web pages dont load

  bugzee 21:49 16 Jun 2004

hi guys , i have just encountered a problem on some web pages , when they load i get little boxes
with three little triangles in them ,any ideas please os windows 98se IE6

  THE TERMINATOR 22:56 16 Jun 2004

where is the site?

  bugzee 23:13 16 Jun 2004

this one of them click here

  Belatucadrus 23:32 16 Jun 2004

The Strataform site is a Flash site and it may be that you need Flash player to see it click here

  Bugzee 23:41 16 Jun 2004

hi Belatucadrus i already have flash player and shockwave installed already

  THE TERMINATOR 23:57 16 Jun 2004

Are these the latest players, it could be that you have old ones?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:06 17 Jun 2004

in IE click on tools, intenet options, click on the advanced tab, and make sure enable 3rd party browser extensions

  Bugzee 00:10 17 Jun 2004

i really dont know , i clicked on the link and the same thing happened ,is there a way of uninstalling flash and starting again ?

  end 01:50 17 Jun 2004

or....???have u got a programme on your computer that prevents display of certain pages unless you "allow " them??? mine is Guard IE, and IT is stopping THAT page from displaying; I ahve just tested it and my programe IS blocking it, and I testd it " unblocked" and it loaded......have you anything like that on your system that needs " unblocking"?????....just a thought......

  Bugzee 02:13 17 Jun 2004

hi end ,i have only just read your posting and hey
presto i had a look in spywareblaster and there it was,flash player box was ticked ,wot a berk thanks alot for your help
regards Bugzee

  end 08:44 17 Jun 2004

I had exactly the same problem with my BTBroadband flash player site , and my btopenworld e mails....both drove me NUTS, until "the penny dropped";its often something extremely simple and seemingly " very stupid" that IS " the solution"...I am very much a novice on computers and frequently " learnign the hard way"........
isnt it lovely when things DO "work"...???!!!!

am glad I posted for you and was able to help resolve YOUR problem......

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