What's happened to Orange and spam?

  bretsky 10:32 26 Dec 2011

Hi everyone, happy xmas, for the last week when logging into my Orange webmail from their home page, for the past few years I have had in excess of 175 of these things a day totalling 1.5 Mbs of space, NOW, all of a sudden when I log in every morning there is nothing in the junk mail folder.....as if by magic...absolutely nothing.

Have Orange finally got their filtering sorted out or am I speaking to soon?

Enjoy the rest of the festivities, hopefully spam free.

bretsky ;0)

  johndrew 11:06 26 Dec 2011

You seem to have allowed your mail address to reach a lot of Spam lists. I also use Orange and regularly check my mail from the Home page. I get maybe 6 bits of Spam per day on average and have done for some time - granted I also use the Orange built in filters to dump most of it into the Deleted file which is emptied automatically every & days.

Orange regularly review their own, main filters, I am advised, and add sites/keys to resist Spam as well - perhaps this is aiding you at the moment.

Additionally, some Spammers also like to take Christmas off!!

  johndrew 11:07 26 Dec 2011

"& days" = 7 days.

  spuds 12:08 26 Dec 2011

Most service providers have increased on their spam filter procedures, with great success. Perhaps Orange have just caught up, and are now in line with their competitor's?.

I know with my service provider, I use to get anything from 50+ spam per day, now its nearly nothing!.

  bretsky 13:35 26 Dec 2011

Well, I have had one email address for years now going back to the freeserve days and used their spam filters but me along with many many other Orange users having a deluge of spam everyday.......now all a sudden for nothing and I don't think it's a Christmas thing either.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 16:29 26 Dec 2011

Input Overloaded..... yes very funny.

I'm just saying that it seems nobody has commented about it and I seem to remember that not that long ago that spam and Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange was quite an issue with a lot of customers.

BTW, I'm overjoyed that I'm rid of them....lol

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 17:01 26 Dec 2011

"If I want to see if I would be getting any more spam if they weren't filtering all I have to do is sign in to my Orange account and see the hundreds that don't reach me any more"

That's what I have been doing for years and now they seem to have all gone which can only be a good thing.

bretsky :0)

  bretsky 01:18 27 Dec 2011

Seems that http://www.maccodes.co.uk/orangeproblems/index.php has also suffered

bretsky ;0(

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