Whats happened to this forum?

  Flak999 21:25 30 Aug 2004

Logged in tonight and now cannot vote in the online poll!

This is just another symptom of the way this site has behaved over the last week. After all the problems of being unable to access it at all or at best very slow server response times, 404 errors, jrun errors, page redirects!

Whats happening? is anything being done about it? using tracert and ping commands the site times out!

I thought it had been cured today as things seemed alot tighter and faster but it seems to be going all flaky again tonight!

Comments anyone???

  VoG II 21:28 30 Aug 2004

The FE has assured us that works are in progress.

Please bear in mind that this is a totally free resource.

  mammak 22:11 30 Aug 2004

Flak999 as VoG™ it is a very busy site and yes a pain is an understatment when these problem's arise but they do!
As it's been said the FE is aware (God i dont want your job FE your welcolme in the nicest possible way lol)
But it is the case of imaging a very busy phone line like the (Child Support)>(Inland revenue)if you ever dealt with those peep's then you know every song in the chart's lol again,(You are on hold your call is important to us bla bla)just chill and think on that' that's how busy our good ole PCA is.
Ps. for want of a better explanation lol.

  chiquita 22:14 30 Aug 2004

We live in an age where anything that works slower than the speed of light is condemned, so the trick is to stay calm and try again.
It took me 3 times to print this as the page kept disappearing. (Have just kicked the cat!!)

  lucky1 22:29 30 Aug 2004

...so now we know. It's your cat that's causing all the problems !!!!!!

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:53 30 Aug 2004

everytime i try to create a new subject i get a JNS server protocol error!.other than that things seem ok!.ben

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