whats happened to all my media players???

  Mysticnas 15:35 06 Jun 2003

Hi there,

i noticed yesterday that when i played some video files there was no picture. I tried play some that i knew worked and the same happened to them, the picture went, but the sound is still there.

what gone wrong? i've reinstalled my media players and drivers and codecs. nothing. However, i thought i'd check to see if they worked in adobe premiere and they did. and after i'd closed down premiere the files worked again. So whats going on? i assume some codecs of drivers aren't loading propperly and when i open premiere the codec/drivers are forced to load up?


  Mysticnas 15:43 06 Jun 2003


DVD players are affected too...

i use windows media player 9, creative media source (audigy 2), realplayer.
DVD: leadtek winfast, cyberlink powerDVD 4.

  Mysticnas 16:14 06 Jun 2003


  hugh-265156 16:24 06 Jun 2003

open mediaplayer and click tools/options/filetypes click select all and ok

right click your movie,video file etc and select open with/choose program

select mediaplayer and tick always use this program box,ok.

now play the video,does it work?

  Mysticnas 18:35 06 Jun 2003

and it doesn't do anything.


  Mysticnas 18:40 06 Jun 2003

there's sound but no visuals... and it's even affected my DVD's now too.

  hugh-265156 18:44 06 Jun 2003

can you use system restore back to a time it all worked correctly?

  Mysticnas 18:53 06 Jun 2003

let me select a restore point before yesterday.

  hugh-265156 18:58 06 Jun 2003

have you installed much software lately?

start by removing the last thing installed on the computer restarting each time then checking again.

only thing i can suggest.

  Mysticnas 19:57 06 Jun 2003

quicktime player to play a qt file. it came up with an error saying that the file may not play propperly becuase the compressor could not be found. sure enought the problem was the same as the other media players.

So is there some folder in windows that i can locate the compressors and try to fix the problem?

  Mysticnas 21:42 06 Jun 2003


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