What's going on - in or out?

  FearlessFred 18:36 23 Apr 2010

Ever since I started backing up on line, the Router lights hasve been going berserk.

Is there any way of telling what your PC is sending out/receiving? Not volume. Not even file perhaps but at least to/from who?


  961 18:57 23 Apr 2010

It's never seemed a good idea to me to back up on line and send all your private stuff in to the wide blue yonder

You just wait for the message back

"Houston, we have a problem"

Bit like giving your details to HMRC or the NHS

  Covergirl 19:02 23 Apr 2010

. . . swears by online storage.

I'm a bit sceptical myself.

If your router lights are flashing wildly, you are probably sending and receiving info from your online storage.

Sorry, can't tell you how to find out where you're connected to, but the Network and Sharing Centre, View Status will give an indication of the activity in & out.

  961 19:20 23 Apr 2010

I agree with that and everyone seems to be going the online route

It's just that if it's here, on a disk or a second computer or a maxtor hard drive I've got control and if the whatnot hits the fan i can take it out into the garden and hit it with a very big hammer

If it's "on-line" I'm at the mercy of those who come from the same place as Northern Rock and many others who have sold stuff as "guaranteed" until you drill down into page 201 of the terms and conditions

As you say "if your router lights are flashing wildly, you are probably...."

You aren't going to trust YOUR stuff to that sort of hopefulness are you?

Nor me

  FearlessFred 19:41 23 Apr 2010

Oh well - I just wanted to see if I could do more than check up on the traffic level.

961 I used to think just like that. I went for online storage after a spindle went on an external Maxtor storage just as I was installing Windows 7 about 2 months ago. £850 bill to retrieve the data and I'm still waiting.

Maxtor was 13 months old.


Thanks everybody anyway


  Covergirl 04:25 24 Apr 2010

my friend pays for it - he quoted offhand something like a couple of pence per Mb. If you are paying for it I guess you may have some kind of guarantee . . .?

His backups are set for a certain time of day based on altered & new files, so you may be still uploading the first batch?

He showed me how he accessed his files on his iPhone the other day. Impressive.

  jack 08:46 24 Apr 2010

Telling someone your secrets - they are secret no more.
There may be a good reason for orgs., to indulge in this sort of activity - through even here I suspect their IT people have been had over by blind acceptance of technology

All forms of storage of information, be it paper,Hard drive, optical disc, solid state memory is transient- it can be damaged or even destroyed.
The new kid on the block-'Cloud' - has one more fail potential - dissemination.
I would not touch it with a barge pole

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